For many of us, Alchemy conjures visions of mystics & scholars shrouded in secrecy during the Middle Ages and Renaissance furiously working on turning metals into gold, creating elixirs, secret potions and/or spells to make magic.

For me, Alchemy is the art of creating substance from nothing, creating matter from the ethers into the seen world. We are always creating, whether consciously or not. The Magic lies in bringing our deepest dreams, wishes and desires into physical manifestation wth ease and grace.

I’ve been an Alchemist all my life. As an educator for 37 years, guiding children to create their dreams, to owning the first Aromatherapy Shop in Naussau County, Long Island and becoming one of the first certified Aromatherapists from the newly formed Aromatherapy Council in the United States. Teaching, Mentoring and Alchemy are my true passions!

I’ve also been blessed with highly developed intuitive and psychic abilities, which combined with my passions for teaching and mentoring, provide me with the gift to guide others.

"Elly, do you know how amazing your gift is? I have seen and met magicians in India who saw me miles away and told me my story. You are in that category. Never forget that. Thank you again" Professor of Film, NYU - MCN- New York, July 2019

Enter and Let’s Make Magic!