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Schedule a Reading : I offer 60 minute or 30 minute readings:

Unlimited Mind -Unlock Your Mind to Create Unlimited Opportunities :

Limiting beliefs come from our subconscious mind., ie "What if I can't find a job I want?" "All the people I date don't want commitment" Our thoughts block us from fulfilling on our desires. You could spend years in therapy only it doesn't have to be this way. The brain is malleable & can reorganize itself. With my psychic abilities I'm able to see your unconscious beliefs, shift them and provide you with opportunities and skills to create unlimited potentials for yourself. Two hours

"I booked a new 5K coaching client hours after I got off the phone with Elly. Elly is powerful and will shift your mindset and frequency very quickly!! Don’t hesitate to work with her if you want to make quantum leaps forward.” - San Diego, CA- January, 2019

“Thank you so, so much for your help and what you’ve done for me! My podcast reached the Top 200 on iTunes business and it’s because of the mind work I’ve done!! You’re so fantastic!!!- Washington DC- January, 2019


MindPower Consulting

The MindPower Edge® Consulting Program

MindPower Consulting is strategically designed to help you access your own powerful intuitive abilities and wisdom. Elly Molina has a long history of mentoring, consulting, educating, and has assisted in creating many successful businesses. As a Consultant, Elly works with your personal knowingness, your psychic abilities, your intuition, and guides you to create the future you want to live in. If you are tired of self help gurus, self help workshops, books, the self help circuit, then finally cut to the core and learn to work with your own abilities. Elly's expertise will guide you.

"Many times we need guidance in our lives from someone who is not our regular friend, not the psychologist on duty, nor our "yes" man. 
Elly Molina is, without any doubts, the person to go to. With a MA in Linguistics, having many books under her belt, 30+ yrs of teaching experience and a sharp and intuitive mind, she can see the staircase of your journey even if you only see the first step. 
She is the modern Urban Sage!" 
- AI, Los Angeles

“Those super close to me know I roll deep with a team of mystics I consider family and have for many years. Actually, I often wonder how people get along without advisors who have information that isn’t in books, access to other realms, the abilility to heal with their hands are read the future as clearly as they see the sun shining in the sky. Elly Molina is a next level psychic, author, and savvy business coach with unparalleled accuracy. If you need clarity on your projects accompanied with proven manifestation techniques and a kind but firm kick in the ass, I couldn’t recommend her higher” - EP- Costa Rica

I have been working with Elly very closely for over a year. In addition to being such a bright light during my many transitions over the past year, she has been the guiding force for me to call in the love of my life. She showed me how to change my thought patterns, how focusing on gratitude calls in miracles and gave me the tools to get into the energy space of love and receiving. In the summer of 2018 she told me my man was here, he was on his way, and everything was going to happen very quickly so get ready. Well, what do you know, it's happening quickly. I met the man of my dreams and we are already talking about our future together. I have never ever been happier in my life and I knew instantly this guy was the one. I cannot thank you enough Elly! - Anonymous, September 2018

Through some of my darkest times, Elly has helped me stay the course, open me up to changes that would take me to the next level, and, most importantly, brought me a shining sense of hope when I needed it the most.  September 2017

"I started working with Elly over 6 months ago. After a few sessions in working together I took the leap of faith into her 6 session consulting program.  Her clairvoyant predictions have changed my life. Elly has been 100% accurate in every reading in terms of what is currently happening in my life ad what is going to happen.  Her mantras, daily affirmations and visualization technique has pushed my spiritual growth exponentially".   -JB  New York

Although huge spiritual change can be very difficult, I am now starting to live the life I am meant to live thanks to Elly's support. JB NYC


What is The MindPower Edge?

The MindPower Edge is specifically designed to create breakthrough results and take your life to the next level. This includes, and is not limited to relationships/personal, business/ career and professional goals and learning how to take advantage of ongoing opportunities and choice points in life. Using your personal intuition, laws of quantum entanglement, the ancient (now confirmed studies of neuroscience) laws of mind, we embark on creating and designing the life you dream of and were meant to live. 

If you're  thinking intense goal setting, rapid fire decision making, charts, weekly planners, and strategies of high power executives that get results quickly, along with the Metaphysical and Ancient Wisdom, that's just part of what we’ll work on in the MindPower Edge Program. The real mystery lies when you learn to understand and speak the language of Your subconscious mind. Imagine having the tools to access its powerful knowingness and unlock some of the mysteries of your Soul’s journey! We will work in the realm of rituals (daily practices) mystique (YOUR surprise when you get what you say you want) and the power of linguistic mapping.

We will work with accessing higher dimensions of thinking. I will teach you Thomas Edison’s method that he used to enter the alpha state and access information that’s normally not attainable through beta brain logic. You will learn these techniques and more as you access higher dimensional thinking, critical thinking, and creative speaking.

This journey marks a turning point in traditional consulting.


Who is The MindPower Edge for?

Anyone ready to make dynamic changes and alterations in life. Are you ready to reinvigorate a project or dream? Are you ready to transform a stagnant situation? Then this is Your Program. MindPower Consulting will utilize the technology of your mind to shut down negative thoughts and beliefs enabling you to access your own powerful intuitive abilities while harnessing and expressing your innate talents in daily life.

 Program Details: 

  • Three Hour Break out Session - In person or skype/Zoom

  • Unlimited Mind Session ( See description above)

  •  Three or Six Month session programs ( sessions are 3 thirty min sessions per month.

  • You’ll have unlimited email access and correspondence

  • Having your private psychic in your back pocket

    Two or Four 15 min SOS calls during the time you are enrolled in the program and during normal business hours

  • Ongoing psychic/intuitive/ and astrological information in each session ( astrological information available if you wish) 

  • Optional: Learn basic remote viewing and intuitive development during your sessions as well

  • Optional: White Light Blessing ( see link below at the footer of page for description)

    This program is specifically designed to recreate not only your life but you as well. For, As Within So Without. As Above, So Below.  To learn more about this program and to get started please contact me below. I look forward to our quantum entanglement. 


Content Consulting

Looking for information and answers for your forthcoming book, project, or screenplay? Work with me.


Looking for information and answers for your forthcoming book, project, or screenplay? Work with me.

Check out Ronnie Allen’s The Sign Behind the Crime: Book 4 Libra: Ronnie shares: ‘I have new consultants in this book. Elly Molina, a world renowned spiritual consultant and the author of the Amazon best seller, “Children Who Know How To Know,” also published with Black Opal Books was my guide for my psi-child, Benjamin. Her insight helped me to enrich his character and credibly portray his abilities. Any deviation is on me; this is a work of fiction.’ Ronnie’s book is available on Amazon and where ever books are sold:

Libra: The Sign Behind the Crime ~ Book 4 By Ronnie Allen

Currently consulting on a screenplay for a forthcoming Netflix Production.

To learn more about ways in which we can work together on your project please email me directly or use the link: