Ready to leave the Self Help Circuit?

Are you tired of self help gurus, self help workshops and books? There’s a simple way to cut to the core and learn to work with your own powerful intuitive & psychic abilities. Elly's expertise and mastery will guide you.

Amazon Best Selling author, international Concierge Adviser to Former Heads of State, Public Figures, Celebrities, Business Professionals & trusted mentor to seekers, Elly, has literally given thousands of readings in her life.

Former University Adjunct, and highly recognized educator, Elly has always been able to utilize her highly developed intuitive abilities in her work with students, parents, and clients.

Elly holds a Master's Degree in Linguistics from NYU and has been educating for four decades. She has appeared on NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, discussing intuitive development in children. She is the founder of Psi-Kids, where children and adults learn to develop, trust and utilize their psychic & intuitive abilities. While residing in Washington State Elly cofounded a magic school for children, where children learned to use more of their minds in a very different manner.

She is the creator of MindPower Consulting and Psi-Kids. Elly teaches & guides you to work with your own powerful intuitive abilities while introducing you to unrevealed mindpower techniques!

“Elly soars with her amazing gift which is sacred and rare. Her humility, as she travels through layers and in between the ethereal worlds is what opens her to receive what she does. She is also down to earth and that is an attribute that is exceptional"- M.C.N- NYC.

MindPower Consulting 

Utilize the technology of your mind's power to harness and create reality. MindPower Consulting is strategically designed to help you access your own powerful intuitive abilities and wisdom. During the sessions, Elly will connect with her psychic abilities and guide to uncovering blocks, long held beliefs as well as deep subconsious beliefs that might be holding you back from creating the relationships, careers, businesses, and life you are longing for.

Elly Molina has a long history of mentoring, consulting, educating, and has assisted in creating many successful businesses. As an Intuitive Consultant, Elly works with your personal knowingness, your and her psychic abilities, your intuition, and guides you to create the future you want to live in. If you are tired of self help gurus, self help workshops, books, the self help circuit, then finally cut to the core and learn to work with your own abilities. Elly's expertise will guide you to Forge Your Own Destiny!. 


"I started working with Elly over 6 months ago. After a few sessions in working together I took the leap of faith into her 6 session consulting program.  Her clarivoyant predictions have changed my life. Elly has been 100% accurate in every reading in terms of what is currently happening in my life ad what is going to happen.  Her mantras, daily affirmations and visualization technique has pushed my spiritual growth exponentially".   -JB  New York

“Elly, I wanted to let you know how amazing you are and how much I have achieved because of you.  Today, I want to let you know that our last few sessions have catapulted me into another zone of confidence where I feel unstoppable! A couple of sessions ago we created the possibility of me approaching daily tasks from a place of no fear. I didn’t think it was possible because all my life I have avoided being seen and would walk away or isolate myself because I was afraid of making a fool of myself and afraid of looking like an idiot. Since then I am doing things I would never have dreamt of doing in my personal life and business. I have no fear in emailing or cold calling people….!  I would procrastinate so much because of fear that I would never follow through with anything I had fear of doing. As a result I am now having conversations I never thought of having before. Energetically, the most perfect people (for my business) are turning up in my life. It is so true that when you change at a deep subconscious level you begin to attract everything to make things happen. I attribute all these changes entirely to your coaching. These changes have been astronomical ! I am flying with my business and have taken on doing a community project, which is really putting me out there, and I’m loving it. Again, I have said this so many times on our calls Elly, that you always say the most insightful things that make the most impact…always in awe how you hit the ‘bullseye’ every time.  Your gift of combining your intuitive abilities which are the real deal with astrology has been so incredibly powerful and has made more impact in the short time we have worked together than all the other courses and coaching I have had in the past. I can’t wait to take my life and my business to the next level with you next year. So excited for 2019! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” -Sydney, Australia ~November, 2018

Although huge spiritual change can be very difficult, I am now starting to live the life I am meant to live thanks to Elly's support. JB NYC

"Many times we need guidance in our lives from someone who is not our regular friend, not the psychologist on duty, nor our "yes" man. 
Elly Molina is, without any doubts, the person to go to. With a MA in Linguistics, having many books under her belt, 30+ yrs of teaching experience and a sharp and intuitive mind, she can see the staircase of your journey even if you only see the first step. 
She is the modern Urban Sage!"
- AI, Los Angeles