The Fireside Gatherings

~ An Intimate Experience of Inner Wisdom~

Please join me when we reopen The Fireside Gatherings in the Future

While many of us are on vacation, sitting on the beach, enjoying a cocktail by the pool, drinking a glass of wine over a magnificient sunset, hiking nature’s terrains or enjoying adventures in new cities or countries, you may wish to take advantage of this unique experience coming your way starting July 24th, 2019.

I’ve created The Fireside Gatherings, a series of 12 interactive talks with Q&A opportunities. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity now. Space is limited, as this is an intimate gathering where we will cozy up with your favorite beverage (a glass of wine, your afternoon cup of tea or coffee) regardless of what corner of the world you may be in.

These conversations will be with other like minded individuals, movers and shakers and powerful contributors to the planet, like yourself. You’ll unleash your creativity, unlock truths and your inner knowingness,

Each month we’ll engage in a new topic that will shift your awareness and take to you on a voyage to higher frequencies and inner dimensions. Topics include, neuroscience, ontology, consciousness, awareness, intuitve and psychic development, to name just a few. Learn to express yourself in life as the light being you truly are.