Many times we need guidance in our lives from someone who is not our regular friend, not the psychologist on duty, nor our "yes" man. 

Elly Molina is, without any doubts, the person to go to. With a MA in Linguistics, having many books under her belt, 30+ yrs of teaching experience and a sharp and intuitive mind, she can see the staircase of your journey even if you only see the first step. 

She is the modern Urban Sage!

"It hasn't even been a year since I began working with Elly, and my life has BLOWN UP. Am I exaggerating? No. Elly has taught me that I am the creator of my life and always have been, that every detail is a manifestation of my choices, whether I like them or not. She has given me the tools to focus on what I truly want and create the life I always intended to live, and it began immediately. With her Power and Contribution program, I took creative authority of my choices, my perspective, my manifestations, my relationships, my career...my entire life...all without efforting, without struggle, without force, without "hard work." Now I simply believe it and I see it. From starting a business, to dating a celebrity, to an art journey through Europe, to a healthier body, to attracting money, to a home in the redwoods, to high frequency friendships, to an authentic love of self, etc, etc, it has been a constant stream of manifestations that only get bigger. There is no ceiling to this expansion, and I am happier and more inspired than ever. The world is my playground and I am absolutely thrilled to keep working with Elly as I continue to create this magnificent life. -Seattle

I had been in a 16 year abusive relationship. I didn't feel I could leave as the person was ill and bipolar . After working with Elly and following the steps she gave me everything changed exactly as I had prayed for . The person left on her own moving several states away. I didn't have to kick the person out and feel guilty. I wanted a safe special place of my own and after working with Elly again I found a safe wonderful place to live. I will continue to work with Elly creating my new life. I would recommend and encourage anyone who wants to make their life better to work with Elly- DS

I have worked with many clairvoyants in my life and Elly is by far one of the most gifted and insightful. She nailed my personality and knew I was pregnant and had written a book. She predicted I would get a piece of land I was going to auction to buy and secure a book agent. Within weeks both happened. She advised me on specific reading materials and practical exercises that were key in manifesting both of these events. I'm so very grateful to have her as one of my trusted guides! Thank you so much, Elly!


 Elly is the Mentor's mentor!

I was lost and in a dark space trying to launch 2 companies and find my personal harmony. I began receiving Elly's Astro-Psychic Program( Power and Contribution)  sessions. She helped put a foundation underneath me and recognize the beacon of my own lighthouse. The support & homework kept me on track and guided me forward. I am focused, grounded and happy! This is apparent in the decisions I make and the results I am now receiving. Thank you! Thank you Elly!


A special thanks to Elly Molina who helped us find Mango! She helped us find our cat in the past and she helped pin point Mango as well! Thank you so much, Elly! Thoughts are powerful things💛💛💛  -New York, New York

Elly, you are an angel! I just had to write and tell you how amazing I think you are!! I have consulted with intuitives in the past, but I have never run into one who is as mind-blowingly-accurate as you. When I first spoke with you a year ago, you had told me a few things which seemed completely insane and not at all possible. Fast forward one year and everything you told me is exactly what happened! I then called you a few months ago and once again, the "insane" and "improbable" events came true. (And in short order) The accuracy is unbelievable! I have definitely learned to listen carefully to the things you have told me (I also take notes). I am looking so forward to the future and that is in part, due to you. I feel positive and hopeful and that is the most priceless part of your gift. In addition to your kindness and straight forward manner, I also appreciate how you focus on helping me change the way I think about my transition time (instead of my description "scattered"- I now call this time "The T-Zone!) You have given me the tools to help me help myself. I really feel like you want to elevate who I am as an individual and be the best possible me. I am honored to be one of your clients and I want to tell everyone how awesome you are! Once again, I can't thank you enough for all that you do. The information you give me has a calming effect and also gives me a great sense of peace. I felt like I just HAD to tell you how amazing I think you are. And of course I need to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done to help give me the courage to believe that good things are in store for me. As a side note, before I first spoke to you, I was the "no girl". People would invite me to do things and I always said no. I now have the courage to say yes. Mostly because I know I have to give myself a chance for a happy surprise. With my sincerest thanks,  Melissa Jacquemin, CA.


Elly, in our last reading you shared you saw someone passing suddenly and a woman being very upset by this. Wow, you called it again! Just had a prominent member of the community pass unexpectedly and his wife is distraught. We are all helping out. It was totally unexpected! I'm in awe! - Anonymous NYC


When I was first referred to the AMAZING Elly, I had a really great feeling about it! I had decided ahead of time, as some of us probably do, that I would ‘test her’. “If she was the ‘real deal’, she will know these certain things, or say something significant to me.” Well, she passed with flying colors of course! The first few words out of her mouth confirmed any skepticism I may have had and she blew my mind, as she does every time we speak.

I think the most impressive thing, is the fact that she does this all over the phone. To say she is gifted, does no justice. This being has changed my life, more than I could have ever imagined.  I feel unrecognizable.  The person I was 6 short months ago was amazing, and I love her, but I am not ‘her’ anymore. I have evolved in so many ways.  Elly actually brought me to a place where I have learned to trust me, more than anyone else in the world, finally. That is worth it’s weight in gold!!!

When Elly started working with me, the timing was perfect. It was a bit of confusing time for me. I wasn’t very clear about where I wanted my life to go, and it was showing signs of it not being where I wanted it to be. I had this life that I thought was great, because it was better than where it’d been, but I knew I desired more.

I had an amazing job that is a dream job, but things weren’t really going well and I was starting to dislike it. I was spending 14-16 hours per day working and commuting, and I was barely seeing my 6 year old, who was my purpose in “working” so hard. The days I did have off, felt like time I needed to recover before doing it all over again. Flash forward to right now, where I live 2.5 blocks from where I work, in the middle of a beautiful city, where I get to drop off my son, at an amazing school, and pick him up from the bus stop that is steps from my front door. He is finally thriving in school, and we actually have a relationship again. I have gotten hours and hours of my life back and I remember who I am again! This has allowed me to get back to my creativity, and find more of the life I desire to receive, while building new possibilities everywhere I go.

Finding clarity in understanding who I am, considering what my planets are doing, and then tying that into what she is picking up psychically. Provides so much information and insight, that it skyrockets you into intention and action. She is an impressive motivator! Elly’s inspiration is then followed up with tools providing you with faster results; whether it’s words you can affirm to yourself, books you could read, seminars you could attend, crystals that could propel you, and or some motherly love that fills you.  She can elicit the actions you desire to have for your life, if you are willing to put in the work.

It has not been easy, but it has been more than worth it. I find myself in a place of full surrender to the beauty that life has for me, and my role in creating it.

Thank you Elly for expanding my understanding of the world and opening me up to the possibilities of the universe. I have the power to allow, accept, and receive, all that this lifetime has to offer me. I love you dearly, and I cherish the moments we share together. I am forever grateful to your leadership, your coaching, and you love.  

Namaste, NYX



"Just got off the phone with Elly. My reading was like a strong shot of whiskey!"- Anonymous

"She empowers with the clear view and directions and that just brings the tears in eyes due to the help she extended to me and I ended up saying naturally "I love you" as I felt it at the moment in tears with gratitude." -Anonymous

"Elly,  you called it again! She passed away, just like you said. It was unexpected and so many people have been affected. Wow! I'm speechless, again" - Anonymous

" I AM SO HAPPY! I had to write this to let everyone know you are beyond real and that your PREDICTIONS COME TRUE. Yesterday, for the first time in almost 2 years E reached out to me. He confirmed everything you always told me." -GM Minnesota

"There aren't enough words for me to express how grateful I am for Elly's energy, direction, love, and light. I met Elly thru a friend and my initial consult with her was supposed to be exclusively about my career. Back when I first reached out to her, I thought I had a job offer on the table but I was iffy about accepting it due to the long commute. Out of worry instead of accepting the offer, I asked for more money. All while I was waiting for the company to make a decision, I decided to do a reading with Elly to see if this was "the right career move." Little did I know that within five minutes of my reading with Elly, I was going to be advised that the offer was no longer on the table. I still get chills thinking about this. The day after my reading with Elly, I got a call from the headhunter with the news: "they withdrew their offer." I was floored. I couldn't believe Elly picked this up. But it gets much better. During my call with Elly, she advised me that there was a bigger picture in the works for me and that I had a much better career move, but most importantly that I couldn't take a job with a long commute because I had been family planning for the longest time. During my call, my husband came up and his love and support and his longing to be a father, all of it. I was so pleased with her, I bought a reading for my husband. This is where it gets amazing. Elly said many similar things to my husband about our lives and relationship. She also told him that I was going to conceive in April of 2016. That gave us so much hope and faith that we were going to be parents sometime in the near future. It honestly took such a heavy load off and gave us the confidence that it was going to happen.

Here I am 7 weeks pregnant (found out April 26th) and I am sending Elly this testimonial but have asked her to wait until I reach my second trimester to share. I cannot believe it! I am beyond excited, overwhelmed and so in love. To sum it up, our career has taken off and just as she once said, we have the opportunity to be selective about what we take on.

One very important note I must share is her free spirited energy. She does not solicit you or play up the negative and leave you weak so you can reach out to her for more. She builds you up, prepares you for your path. Shares love and direction and sends you off. I've had two readings with her myself but I feel like I've known her my entire life. She is always there when we need her. She's a true blessing. I am forever grateful. Thank you" - Anonymous California, 2016

I was first referred to Elly by a friend. I had no idea what to expect, and called her because I was feeling confused about my path in life. I was at at a cross roads with both my career and my love life and was having a difficult time making decisions on what to do next. With Elly’s insight and guidance, she supported me to take leaps of faith that I didn’t have the confidence to take on my own.

Elly’s powerful positive energy and insightful guidance, encouraged me in my work to leave my corporate job to start my own PR Agency, and pursue my passion project, which has now turned into a successful jewelry line. I have made a complete transformation in my work/life balance that has given me such a greater sense of peace and clarity, in addition to more quality time with my son. Elly provided me with hope and faith about the decisions I was making and relayed messages that there was abundance, love and money ahead in my future. As the year unfolded, I was amazed to recollect what Elly had told me as I watched it all come true in ways I could have never imagined possible.

 I called Elly again recently for similar guidance and really appreciate her inspiration, support and positive affirmations. Elly has suggested books and given me helpful tips for my journey and reminds me to believe in myself and to stay true to myself and continue to follow my intuition. I am so grateful to have found her, as she has been instrumental in helping me to have the confidence to have faith in the universe and keep pursuing my dreams and striving to be my highest self. I have encouraged all of my friends, from all walks of life, to schedule a reading with Elly, to interpret messages from the universe and to help support us on this wild journey of life! - SC, California

I  had my first reading with Elly last Spring.  While talking to her, I was kind of focused on a certain matter, and I wasn’t very happy that what she said was not what I wanted to hear. But truth be told, today I am very happy about what she did say, because the specific person I had in my life had a very negative energy and what she was talking about turned out to be extremely accurate, though I wasn’t ready to accept it when she said it. She had asked me to write what she was going to tell me. And I did. Something happened a few months ago, which made me go looking for that paper. A new relation said something to me, which I found I had written down, to the word, during her reading. And that certainly is a great talent with wonderful and clear insights. And now I just had myself a new reading, which I hope will be projected and filled with all the positive energy she transmitted to me. Thank you Elly for your support, you have lifted my spirits with your compassion and positive encouragements. And especially for your kind advise on how to turn my life around for the better.  Anonymous- Lebanon

I hadn't spoken to Elly  in a few years, but I remember how accurate she was for me at the time about both career and love. I asked about both and she accurately predicted me getting a sales job at a theater. I told her there was no way because the job didn't pay much, she said not to let that deter me. She predicted this happening 4 weeks from the time of the reading. Sure enough, I got the job. And her love prediction is unfolding too. - MD- California

Whenever I feel unbalanced in life, I make sure I call Elly. I get read by Elly quite often and each time she has been extremely on point with everything she says. She is a guider, who always guides me in the right direction. I highly recommend making yourself an appointment, she has never disappointed! Elly has a kind soul, she's like an angel on earth. My Best Always,  -AC - New York 

Elly has predicted so many things for me that I haven't even called about to share. Things no one else has even foreseen. I love you and I am very happy for you that many are realizing how truly gifted you are. You're a truly honest and genuine soul. Blessings to you. - GR-MN

Elly Molina is an Amazing person! My daughter's cat got out of her apartment through a window screen. The cat was missing a few hours. We made posters and looked everywhere. It then came to me to get in touch with Elly! Right away Elly said the cat was stuck in a garage possibly. Elly said the cat couldn't get out until someone opened it to set it free! My car was parked right in front of my garage! My husband had to leave for work and took the car. My husband parked the car but then something was telling him to look under the hood. Now ,I'm still talking to Elly. Elly also told me the cat was fine just stuck under something , too! Finally my husband opened up the hood of the car and there was the cat, happy to get out! So we thank Elly everyday for her help!  -CS - New York 

I have known Elly since we were best friends in High School. She was always fascinated with telepathy and divination. We would practice sending telepathic messages to each other in class, and we got very good at it. She went on to develop herself  more in this arena.

She has natural abilities that she has practiced and developed into a valuable skill now. When I visited her recently she told me she had to do a reading and excused herself from socializing for a period of time. She has a special place in her house that is “clean energy” and she prepares herself with meditation and ritual before she works with her clients. Elly is the real thing!

Elly is very grounded and functional in the “real” material world and yet she is familiar with and comfortable working with the unseen world. She is able to read the energy and give a practical application to our ordinary reality. Her skills are valuable in matching the spiritual/energetic/invisible with the current situation to move you forward on to your next correct step. - DT.  Oregon

Elly Molina is s shooting star among ‘seers’. I met her because I was supposed to. There are no accidents. I have had readings by some of the greatest and I am certain she is one of them. Speaking to her for me is like a soaring of consciousness. There is nothing mediocre or mundane about her readings. She gets increasingly powerful and confident as she herself soars with her amazing gift which is sacred and rare. Her humility as she travels through layers and in between the ethereal worlds is what opens her to receive what she does. She is also down to earth and that is an attribute that is exceptional. She goes beyond and is also in the present. She cares and you know that she is not just doing this for financial reasons because that would destroy the gift; at least it would for me.

She is a rare gem. She is an eagle in flight as she weaves her third eye through veils, breaking boundaries and obstacles. She colors the layers of my creativity by her vision and her belief because she does not compromise. She has been given a mission to help people and guide them in the deepest aspects of their lives and she does this with a superior elegance. She is a teacher and a student. She is a prism with many facets and both the sun and the moon reflect on her inner eye which sees through fogs and mists of the human condition. She is that star that never fails to reveal its beauty to us in the night sky if we remember to look and be a child again. - Manoshi Chitra Neogy

I have known Elly for the past seven years. During these seven years she has used her gift to guide me in many ways. Her accuracy is impeccable. She has predicted many milestones in my life with my career and personal issues. Sometimes God sends us angels. I can testify to the fact her special gift supersedes any psychic that I have ever known. Today, 7 years later I can truly say I have become a far better person than I was 7 years ago. My spiritual life has grown and I am learning to use my own gifts for the greater good of others as a result of her infinite wisdom and knowledge. - LL

“I had a reading with Elly and was so pleased with her skills, her personality and especially her encouragement. What a blessing she is! I look forward to expanding into new realms with confidence. Thank you, Elly!!!” - Norfolk Va.

“When I first talked to Elly, I never thought I would make a friend, but she has become a good one. All she has to do is talk to me and it starts to make me think, ” “wish I knew how to do this as a child” , but when you are told bad things all your life you believe them and you start to think it is true. I have been a truck driver all my life so none stays too long because I am never home. Now I am wanting off the road and I have a life. Elly has been my support . I’ve learned that when I start to change/feel good about me, I will attract the right person. I have lost 35 lbs and feel better inside about myself. I now matter to MYSELF.” - Statesville, NC.

Elly: I enjoyed the wonderful and clear insights you provided in our consultation.  It helped me make some life changing decisions and you accurately read the situation.  I will be recommending you to my friends and loved one.   Best, C. Shayne