“Truly Amazing! Elly, you are a true bright light. A ray of sunshine comes through with every session we have in a reading. I can't thank you enough for your enlightenment which has brought confidence within myself to break my fears to make positive and successful choices in my life. Thank you!" New Mexico, February 2019

“I booked a new 5K coaching client hours after I got off the phone with Elly. Elly is powerful and will shift your mindset and frequency very quickly!! Don’t hesitate to work with her if you want to make quantum leaps forward.” - San Diego, CA- January, 2019

Thank you for seeing my bright, radiant and love filled future before  I saw it Elly. I am so grateful for you! -Anonymous, September 2018

I had the pleasure of an hour call with Elly.  She shared many details about my life that were spot on and gave me a glimpse into what the future could hold for me if I think big and allow it to flow to me.  I specifically asked her about a man I was communicating with, she told me he was not sincere and I should know when to walk away.  Two days later he asked for money, I walked.  Her insight tipped off me early so I had already detached from the situation.  So gratefully for this.  She also gave me insight into my divorce that will help me wrap it up sooner.  The money I have saved with these two insights more than makes up for the cost of a session.  I will put her recommendations into action and look forward to my next session.-Anonymous November 2018

I am in awe of Elly's accuracy reading energy. I have known Elly for 4 years snd have had 2-4 readings with her every year. For the past 2 years she has been telling me about a romantic partner. Every time I spoke to her she said: He's here. You already know him. And I would say: I don't think so. I don't know what you are talking about. She would then say: He's very tall. He's a really good man. And he loves the ocean and spends a lot of time in the ocean. And he is smitten with you. She has told me about him during every session for 2 years as if we were already together. Even when I was in another relationship she would tell me that there was another man that was in my field. I had absolutely no idea who she was talking about.Well now I know exactly who she was talking about. About 6 weeks ago I was at a party and a man who I have known from a distance for 2 years was there. We had a really fun time talking and joking around at the party. After the party he reached out to me and we have been dating ever since. He is very tall (and handsome). He's a really really good man. He loves the ocean and spends a lot of time in the ocean surfing and stand up paddle boarding. And he is smitten with me and I am equally smitten with him. I am super intuitive and psychic and vibrationally sensitive and am beyond blown away by Elly and her gifts as a seer.

Thank you for seeing my bright, radiant and love filled future before  I saw it Elly.

I am so grateful for you!”- Anonymous, September 2018

“Elly Molina is s shooting star among ‘seers’. I met her because I was supposed to. There are no accidents. I have had readings by some of the greatest and I am certain she is one of them. Speaking to her for me is like a soaring of consciousness. There is nothing mediocre or mundane about her readings. She gets increasingly powerful and confident as she herself soars with her amazing gift which is sacred and rare. Her humility as she travels through layers and in between the ethereal worlds is what opens her to receive what she does. She is also down to earth and that is an attribute that is exceptional. She goes beyond and is also in the present. She cares and you know that she is not just doing this for financial reasons because that would destroy the gift; at least it would for me.

She is a rare gem. She is an eagle in flight as she weaves her third eye through veils, breaking boundaries and obstacles. She colors the layers of my creativity by her vision and her belief because she does not compromise. She has been given a mission to help people and guide them in the deepest aspects of their lives and she does this with a superior elegance. She is a teacher and a student. She is a prism with many facets and both the sun and the moon reflect on her inner eye which sees through fogs and mists of the human condition. She is that star that never fails to reveal its beauty to us in the night sky if we remember to look and be a child again.”- Manoshi Chitra Neogy- NYC


"Working with Elly was like finding the final piece of the puzzle!"

"My session with Elly was GREAT! It was really valuable to have her drop in and share her insights with me -- many of which confirmed my own deep knowing and intuitions. She also shared new insights I hadn't been able to see on my own. Working with Elly was like finding the final piece of the puzzle! She's electric. Hyper tuned in. And gets straight to the heart of the matter. There's a clear path ahead of me. And I feel more confident than ever before! If you're reading this right now it's because you're meant to. Work with Elly!!" -Anonymous CA. 

Elly was the weekly kick in the pants I needed to wake up, drop the negative talk, worst case scenario drama, and instead see all  the wonderful things I have in my life and all the amazing magic I am capable of creating myself. Unlike other guides, Elly gave me tangible tools and tasks to keep me on track, and focused, and help me shift my language and therefore, shift my life. She is a game changer and I am forever grateful.  JB- CA.

Just wanted to drop you a note:  Last year you read for me and saw a man, lights, me being in the spotlight, and you said, ,"I don't if that's something you are hoping for." At the time none of it was clear to me and I couldn't imagine what it could be since I do not work with men. Then, a few weeks later, I was approached my a man and invited to be part of an amazing new global platform as an expert transformational teacher.  On this platform I have written a book, created an online program, and teaching segment Next monthI will be flying to Zurich to be part of a new movie - "Transformation -It's time to make life better." - Thank you for your insight and special gift."  Anonymous


Elly came to me in the 11th hour of a chapter in my life that I now realize was closing. I would absolutely say that “Spirit” sent her to me, by way of what I call “Divine Intervention,” in my 11th hour so that I could be ushered in CORRECTLY into my next new beginning/chapter.  What a Gift!! In my first reading with her she literally articulated exactly what I had just been creating, experiencing, and living. 

How did she know that?!?! I had chills all over, I was speechless because she so clearly articulated what I had been going through for the past decade better than I even could! I was able to feel so VALIDATED and so SEEN by The Universe, I felt a healing in that reading that I had been starving for.




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"Many times we need guidance in our lives from someone who is not our regular friend, not the psychologist on duty, nor our "yes" man.
Elly Molina is, without any doubts, the person to go to. With a MA in Linguistics, having many books under her belt, 30+ yrs of teaching experience and a sharp and intuitive mind, she can see the staircase of your journey even if you only see the first step. 
She is the modern Urban Sage!" - AI, Los Angeles

"I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in Elly’s consulting program.   While I have been involved in many business consulting experiences in the past, this was an amazing different experience going much deeper while also providing a brilliant balance to it all.   The result was more clarity of who I really am and a more clear GPS destination of where I am going.   Elly was the perfect balance of the spiritual and the logical for me to take what I have learned from the consultation and apply it my my life, career and family.   Thank you Elly!  I am very grateful for the experience."  SA- California

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"It hasn't even been a year since I began working with Elly and my life has BLOWN UP. Am I exaggerating? No. Elly has taught me that I am the creator of my life and always have been, that every detail is a manifestation of my choices, whether I like them or not. She has given me the tools to focus on what I truly want and create the life I always intended to live, and it began immediately. With her Power and Contribution program, I took creative authority of my choices, my perspective, my manifestations, my relationships, my career...my entire life...all without efforting, without struggle, without force, without "hard work." Now I simply believe it and I see it. From starting a business, to dating a celebrity, to an art journey through Europe, to a healthier body, to attracting money, to a home in the redwoods, to high frequency friendships, to an authentic love of self, etc, etc, it has been a constant stream of manifestations that only get bigger. There is no ceiling to this expansion, and I am happier and more inspired than ever. The world is my playground and I am absolutely thrilled to keep working with Elly as I continue to create this magnificent life. -Seattle

I had been in a 16 year abusive relationship. I didn't feel I could leave as the person was ill and bipolar . After working with Elly and following the steps she gave me everything changed exactly as I had prayed for . The person left on her own moving several states away. I didn't have to kick the person out and feel guilty. I wanted a safe special place of my own and after working with Elly again I found a safe wonderful place to live. I will continue to work with Elly creating my new life. I would recommend and encourage anyone who wants to make their life better to work with Elly- DS




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