What is The Intuitive Edge?

The Intuitive  Edge is my newest, premium consulting program. This three or six month program is specifically designed to create breakthrough results and take your life to the next level. This includes, and is not limited to, career, relationships, business, professional goals, personal goals and learning how to take advantage of the ongoing opportunities and choice points in life. I look at these choice points astrologically (timing and what’s best for terrific alignment and success)  psychically, and linguistically. I look for the situation that gives the most light, for when we follow the light, we make progress rapidly and operate from a new base, expanding our breakthroughs and increasing our success rate.

Are you thinking intense goal setting, rapid fire decision making, charts, weekly planners, and strategies of high power executives that get results quickly? That’s just a part of what we’ll work on in the MindPower Edge Program. The real mystery lies when you learn to understand and speak the language of Your subconscious. Imagine having the tools to access its powerful knowingness and unlock some of the mysteries of your Soul’s journey! We will work in the realm of rituals (daily practices) mystique (YOUR surprise when you get what you say you want) and the power of linguistic mapping.

We will work with accessing higher dimensions of thinking. I will teach you Thomas Edison’s method that he used to enter the alpha state and access information that’s normally not attainable through beta brain logic. You will learn these techniques and more as you access higher dimensional thinking, critical thinking, and creative speaking.

This journey marks a turning point in traditional consulting.


Who is The Intuitive Edge for?

Anyone ready to make dynamic changes and alterations in life. Are you ready to reinvigorate a project or dream? Are you ready to transform a stagnant situation? Then this is Your Program. MindPower Consulting will utilize the technology of your mind to shut down negative thoughts and beliefs enabling you to access your own powerful intuitive abilities while harnessing and expressing your innate talents in daily life.

 Program Details: 

  • Choose between The Six Month 12 session program or Three Month 6 Sessions

  • The Program is Six Months /Three months  with 2 calls per month lasting 45 min each

  • You’ll have unlimited email access and correspondence

  • Having your private, concierge psychic in your back pocket

  • Four 15 min SOS calls for the 6 month program or Two 15 SOS calls during the 3 month program

  • Ongoing psychic and astrological information in each session

  • Access to my personal contacts for your business/personal life


This six month / three month program is specifically designed to recreate not only your life but you as well. For, As Within So Without. As Above, So Below.  To learn more about this program and to get started please contact me below. I look forward to our quantum entanglement. This Premier Program is available here: