The  MindPower Edge

Are you thinking intense goal setting, rapid fire decision making, charts, weekly planners, and strategies of high power executives that get results quickly? That’s just a part of what we’ll work on in the MindPower Edge Program. The real mystery lies when you learn to understand and speak the language of Your subconscious. Imagine having the tools to access its powerful knowingness and unlock some of the mysteries of your Soul’s journey! We will work in the realm of rituals ( daily practices) mystique (YOUR surprise when you get what you say you want) and Wishcraft.  I’ll teach the power of Wordspells through linguistic mapping. 

 We will work with accessing higher dimensions of thinking. I will teach you Thomas Edison’s method that he used to enter the alpha state and access information that’s normally not attainable through beta brain logic. You will learn these techniques and more as you access higher dimensional thinking, critical thinking, and creative speaking.

This journey marks a turning point in traditional consulting.

"Whether you're feeling stuck and need support in a certain area of your life - or you are doing amazing and looking to take things to the next level - either way, Elly will get you there. And when I say get you there, I mean buckle your seat belt because things are about to start shifting and FAST!!!! It wasn't but a few weeks from when I talked about the life and career that I wanted to create with Elly that I had a new job offer in hand - doing exactly what I never thought possible. Everything happened so easily and effortlessly, and so quickly, it honestly blew my mind. Elly is so amazing because not only does she provide you with incredibly valuable insights, but she gives you the tools to create the life you want, all the while supporting and empowering you along your journey. I am so grateful that Elly was brought into my life. She is such a gift." AS- WA

As of  January 2018, I am offering this impactful consulting program in place of my former consulting programs. 

You’ll have access to the MindPower Edge, You’ll experience results unlike any you’ve ever imagined. This program is for those who know there is so much more to our world than what we see with our eyes. Many people believe it when they see it. They wait forever. We who believe it, SEE it! I will teach you the ways of this world and you will learn to navigate it for yourself and understand the mysteries of the unspoken and spoken and see behind the veils.

  • Linguistic Mapping exercises

  • Intuitive Heart and Mindfulness Exercises with me

  • Learn about the Fifth Field in Conversation and practice its daily use (you’ll be amazed at what life looks like when you’re operating from Fifth field conversations.

  • Learning the language of the subconscious and gleaning information from it.

  • Your Astrological transits and progressions

  • Psychic information

  • Structured results oriented coaching modules

When you sign up you'll receive an autographed copy of Children Who Know How to Know and my Dream Interpretation Guide.

This six month program is specifically designed to recreate not only your life but you as well. For, As Within So Without. As Above, So Below.   It’s a 6 month program.  We will speak twice a month. There is a financial commitment and we can work out a payment plan. If you wish to learn more about this program and to get started please contact me below. I look forward to our quantum entanglement. This Premier Program is available here: