Searching For The Miraculous

If you’ve experienced business slowing down, delays in plans, encountered obstacles in your path this week, you haven’t been alone. A number of people experienced halting planetary energies, while others have gone on this week to achieve miracles. It always amazes me. Perhaps we can link it to our personal transiting astrological charts, perhaps we can say it’s our karma, or kismet. And while we attribute some of these experiences to the heavens, we’re also reminded of synchronicities and signs unique to our own personal journey. Perhaps you missed that meeting because you weren’t meant to be there. Perhaps your business is slow because you need to rest and refocus. Perhaps your business is booming because you’ve had a change in attitude and all the pieces of months of hard work have come together.

We humans need reasons. We like to know why and we ascribe meaning to everything. We’ve been called meaning making machines for a reason. Spiritual teacher, mystic, and philosopher, Gurdjieff taught in his “work” known as “The Fourth Way”  that humans live in a state of hypnotic, waking sleep, like machines. He compared the unconscious, spiritually unawakened person to an automated being, dedicated to his/her habits and never aware or cognizant of self talk or what it means to be fully present.  Only when we are awakened, when we realize there is more to life than our habitual ways of being, thinking and doing, can we become awakened to higher states of consciousness. Here, in the higher states, is where Human Potential can be actualized. Here is where we can easily manifest, create, see synchronicities, be in flow with the pulse of the Universe without stress and malaise.

Living a conscious, awakened life takes work, hence Gurdjieff called The Fourth Way, “the work”, a term often used by other spiritual teachers who came many years after his death. What does it look like to live a consciously awakened life as opposed to living in the state of waking sleep?

For one, it’s the realization that when we understand what it means to be fully present, to physically and mentally, consciously be in the here and now, in the observer state of our reality, we can immediately affect our personal realities. We can create an instant manifestation. Secondly, it’s recognizing that our interpretation of situations, conversations, occurrences, is solely unique to us and our own personal spin on the the event. We give the circumstance, the conversation, the event meaning. It’s understanding the term “It is what it is” and nothing more.

This weekend, what if you practiced remembering your Self. What that means is that you become the observer of your own life. You see your Self from a higher perspective. You view your behaviors, your thoughts from a conscious, aware State, and remove your Self from habitual, mindless behavior. If you can do this for a few minutes, you’ll have succeeded! Maintaining and living from a fully awakened state takes years of practice. We get glimpses of being in that State ever so often. Living in and from this State is Miraculous.

An excellent place to begin is with being conscious of your Self talk and practicing controlling your self talk, catching phrases of negativity, doubt, despair, and turning them into opportunities for gratitude and beauty. Then, practice seeing your Self as the observer in a room, in a situation, in a conversation. Practice responsibility for your conversations with others, understanding that the response you receive is a direct result of the communication you intended. For many of us, being and living from this place is difficult and often times we don't and can't see the benefit of it. For those of us who have been here and reside in this State for longer periods we recognize the magic, miracles and beauty and seek to maintain this way of being more and more. 

I’d love to hear your experiences.  


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"Working with Elly was like finding the final piece of the puzzle!"

"My session with Elly was GREAT! It was really valuable to have her drop in and share her insights with me -- many of which confirmed my own deep knowing and intuitions. She also shared new insights I hadn't been able to see on my own. Working with Elly was like finding the final piece of the puzzle! She's electric. Hyper tuned in. And gets straight to the heart of the matter. There's a clear path ahead of me. And I feel more confident than ever before! If you're reading this right now it's because you're meant to. Work with Elly!!" -Anonymous CA. 

Trust Your Intuition

We’ve finally got some planetary action happening this week. Mercury enters Cancer, translating into more emotional and sensitive conversations, so careful with how you approach things. Be sensitive to your audience and with whom you’re communicating. Consider other people’s feelings in your communicative delivery these next few days.  Then on June 13th, we’ve got a New Moon in Gemini. This New Moon is all about communication, providing us with a fabulous opportunity to practice, refine, polish, and educate ourselves regarding intention of our communication and delivery. Think about this: Werner Ehrhardt once said, The reaction you got was the communication you intended.”  True indeed. Just think about it next time someone “reacts” to what you have said! Whether you believe it or not, you unconsiously wanted and created the reaction you got! 

Venus enters Leo on June 13 and remains in Leo until July 9th. What a fabulous time to show how generous, warm hearted, expressive and loving you are! Allow yourself to acknowledge, validate, and appreciate yourself and others. Everyone loves being adored in one way or another. Be generous with your affections and your kindness only be real. People know when you’re not genuine or real. Our bodies have a built in BS detector and while we may not believe we have it, or fall under the influence of other people’s “kind words”, we all know intuitively when it’s not real. Honor yourself by honoring your intuition.
If you’re still not trusting your intuition, here’s a simple exercise: Remember back to an experience you had when you somehow “knew” it was not good for you to do something or get involved with someone? Remember that feeling? Later, when things didn't work out, you looked back and KNEW all along. Well, that’s the feeling you want to work with when making decisions and choices. You want to practice trusting the feelings and sensations you have, even if you don’t understand why or they make no sense at the moment. I’ve got techniques outlined in my book, Children Who Know How to Know, which is NOT a children’s book, as many people believe. It’s a resource guide for working with you own and other’s intuitive development. The book is available at Amazon, right here:

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As always, I’m available for readings, intuitive consulting, and guiding you towards your personal North Star!

Love and blessings,


" I have NEVER EVER met someone with so much talent and skill. She is highly educated and communicates very well and able to adapt to everyone's needs.Elly has been a guiding force for me as I have been through good as well as challenging times. Elly tells it like it is, never holding any back, just the way I like it. I can trust Elly in what she tells me. Thank you Elly Molina for always being there for me! You are one in a million!!" -TR- VA. May, 2018 


Reasons to turn your unwanted jewelry into cash


A few years ago I did Psychometry (using an object to ascertain information from the past, present, and future through physical contact with that object.) in a Tacoma, Wa. banquet room. Each guest sealed a personal object in an unmarked, white envelope and passed it up to the front. I then answered psychic questions and provided information while holding the object. One time I held a ring and felt sick to my stomach. Images of heartache, heartbreak, and emotional suffering flashed before me followed by sorrow, tears, and death! I thought, "Why are you still wearing?"

Much of the metaphysical world teaches that items carry frequency. The jewelry and items, including homes, gardens, objects, carry the frequency of the previous experiences or owner. You’ve surely experienced walking into someone’s home and “feeling” or “sensing” the energy. We often choose adjectives such as heavy, dark, light, joyous, to describe our impressions.  

Our jewelry holds frequencies of our emotional experiences and memories. The items carry emotions, history or a story of our lives at that time.

The next time you wear a piece of jewelry, think about the emotions associated with it & the experiences you’ve had while wearing it.  Are these the emotions you wish to carry with you in your auric, energy field? If yes, awesome! If not, here are a few things you can do with your jewelry:

1: Turn unwanted or sorrowful jewelry into cash when the time is right.

2: Clean in saltwater and pay attention to how “attached” you are to the piece. You want to make sure that what you’re wearing is in alignment to your current energy. You want to maintain a vibration of wellness for yourself and your body.

3: Use Holy Water to wash or wipe your pieces.

4. Sprinkle or spray flower essences, aromatherapy sprays onto the jewelry

5. Infuse the jewelry with reiki.

So, if you’ve had an unpleasant experience while wearing your favorite jewelry, clean it off immediately. Remove the energy from the day’s experience and polish it up. Give your favorite pieces an energized, alchemical, energy facelift using one or more of the above techniques!

This week I've heard some super happy success stories:
" Life is GREAT"  
"You're predication came through exactly on the date you said! Amazing, Thank you!" 

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Jupiter Retrogrades on March 8th 2018

Jupiter and astrology .jpeg

0n Feb.17th, 1600, Giordano Bruno,hung upside down naked, tongue and mouth imprisoned by an iron muzzle to prevent “his wicked words” from escaping, prior to being burned alive at the stake in the Campo di  Fiori. Bruno’s wicked words described a universe, infinite, not capable of comprehension, endless, limitless, and of cosmic pluralism.

Today, nearly 420 years later, people’s lives, careers, livelihood, and reputions are destroyed by others who believe in “wicked words” that can potentially disrupt or threaten what we deem and believe we know about life and the world.

When we think about what we believe we know about the world and our universe, you’ll often still hear people saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”  Consider the size of our world. Now imagine what our Earth looks like from space. Then keep looking at the speck we call Earth from the Cosmos. Now, come back and measure the space between your eyes. It is approximately 4 inches. Now, measure the space between your ears; approximately 6 inches. You think, you can really get the entire picture of life, the world and dimensionality from your reference point?

Astrologers looked to the Cosmos for life’s answers. Planets became anthropomorphic. Jupiter, our largest planet, was named after Jove, King of the Gods. As King, Jupiter bestows his blessings and luck upon us, until he goes Retrograde into the darker shadows of Scorpio. Jupiter retrogrades till July, 10th, 2018. During this time, as Jupiter retrogrades, your beliefs about the world, the cosmos, your life, your perceptions, your assumptions, will be challenged. And, while, mainstream consciousness may believe we need to be iron clad muzzled during this time, I see it as a time of liberation from existing, out dated attitudes and suppositions.

If you’ve got limiting beliefs about yourself and the world, Jupiter’s retrograde challenges you to release them. Holding onto old, antiquated beliefs is hard, stifling, and exhausting. Our bodies require more energy to stay small, safe and constricted than when we imagine a greater, vibrant, and expansive world, where we shrink in order to make ourselves feel better in others’ company.

For the next few months, think of yourself as an expanding, truth seeking, truth asserting seeker and leader. Play full out. Get on the court if that’s where you want to be. Expand your imagination just as the Astrologers did while looking up to the Cosmos hundreds of years before us.

I’ve been blessed to witness many people’s dreams come to fruition and to have played a part of the process in their creation. Do you need additional support in capturing, articulating, and launching your dreams? If yes, set up your 10 min consultation session with me and let’s begin.

I look forward to co creating with you.

Wishing you all a blessed and wonderful weekend!

"I have created big financial abundance out of no-where and fast, and I quit my day job! "  JS. Los Angeles

“Millionaires don’t use Astrology, Billionaires do.”- JP Morgan


On March 18th, 2018, I will be presenting at the New Life Expo at the New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan, NY. If you’re in the area, please drop by. We will be learning how to Access Your Super Power Abilities. You’ll walk away awed by your own super power, psychic abilities. If you any questions about the New Life Expo, please email me or go their website:


What Happens When Mercury and Venus Conjunct?


The Italian Renaissance painter, known as Correggio, captures a tender moment betweenVenus with Mercury and Cupid ( National Gallery of London) in his painting. Here, Mercury teaches Cupid to write while Venus fixes her gaze at us. Renaissance artists taught allegories, myths, and lessons in Astrology through their painting.
Currently, in our night sky, Mercury and Venus conjunct on March 5th. The Mercury- Venus conjunction evokes sensitivity and desire to communicate feelings, concerns, and matters important to us. During this Mercury-Venus conjunction expect some synchronicity and magic to unfold. Pay attention to the details and make appropriate connections. Nothing happens randomly. Energy constantly moves despite our abilities to see the bigger picture.

During this conjunction, Mercury teaches us effective communication. In the painting, Mercury teaches Cupid to write, as Venus confidently looks our way, reminding us to focus attention and awareness of our thoughts and spoken words. Words can never be retracted. They carry frequency and energy.  

During the Mercury- Venus conjunction, we learn to rebuild trust. The allegory of Cupid symbolizes love, trust and surrender. Magic and synchronicities happen when we experience looking at the world from child-like trust.

The next few days mark a time of questioning where in your life you have lost your child-like trust.  Children are little cupids; joyous, loving, and trusting beings. Can we regain that childlike trust again for people, ourSelves, and our future endeavours at this time in our lives? I think so. The conjunction invites us to examine where in our lives we have stopped trusting and begun acting from preconceived suppositions and stereotypes. Stepping back, becoming the unemotional observer allows us to witness the synchronicities and magic of the moments.

Take this energy of the Venus, Mercury conjunction and start new and fresh. Give your endeavours, relationships, friendships, projects, etc. new eyes. Give it a blank slate beginning. Create again from nothing. Create childlike wonder.

Are you curious about where the Mercury-Venus conjunction plays in your personal chart? Get an indepth reading right now. JP Morgan once said, “Millionaires don’t use Astrology, Billionaires do.”

Five Questions To Stop Asking Your Self

Image of Qquestions .jpg



Did you know certain questions you ask yourself raise stress levels in your body, cause anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and a slew of other mental and physical ailments?

Do you pay attention to your Self talk? You know, the conversation you have with your Self in your head all the time? In 1893, Thomas Jay Hudson published his book, The Law of Psychic Phenomena, wherein he wrote, “man has, or appears to have, two minds, each endowed with separate and distinct attributes and powers; each capable, under certain conditions, of independent action.” ( pg.10) Ancient texts show this is not a new concept, yet, here we are in 2018, and still many amongst us remain unaware of our Self Talk and its impact on and influence over our lives.

I remember reading Eckhart Tolle’s, The Power of Now (1997) He describes a moment in his life where he contemplated suicide and asked himself, I cannot live with myself any longer.… And then suddenly I became aware of what a peculiar thought that was. Am I one or two? If I cannot live with myself, there must be two of me: the “I” and the “self” that “I” cannot live with. Maybe…only one of them is real. I love this because it’s the first time I thought, When I say, “I’m going to tell myself something,” who is the “I” and who is the “self” I’m telling? That’s the fundamental question, isn’t it?

Eckhart was 29 years old when he discovered his Self Talk. We may all be aware that we are speaking in our heads, only to understand the power of Self Talk is priceless, and to connect whose words are actually in our head is even more revealing. Have you ever heard your Self asking, “Why did I do that?” emphasising the make wrong? You might have even heard it sounding like your parent! I remember the day my son said to me, “Mom, today I was outside and I heard myself asking “What’s wrong with you?” And, Mom, it wasn’t MY voice, it was Yours!! I wasn’t an enlightened mother when I first began raising my eldest sons. Only, that day, was the last time I ever asked anyone, including mySelf, “What’s wrong with you?”

Certain questions you ask yourself raise stress levels in your body, cause anxiety, depression, and a slew of other mental and physical ailments? Here are five questions to stop asking yourSelf immediately:

1. What did I do wrong? This question causes anxiety in the body and presupposes you have behaved inappropriately.
2. What’s the matter with me? This question encourages self doubt and making oneSelf wrong. 
3. Why did I do that? Again, this brings the physical energy of make wrong, reprimanding the Self, not good enough. 
4. What’s wrong with me? 
5. Why can’t I get it right? ( Variations, Why Can’t I get what I want?)

Asking yourSelf the five questions above limits personal success and personal development. If you are looking to discover yourSelf and the highest version of yourSelf, the one who creates the highest, brightest future possible, and takes you forward on your journey, it’s time to drop those Self deprecating and disempowering questions and learn to replace them with questions that bring a greater awareness of yourSelf; shifting from feelings of isolation, disempowerment, hopelessness, futility, and despair.
Asking healthier questions of one Self introduces you to Self Knowledge. It opens up unlimited possibilities, allows for Self development and transformation. The inside transformation leads to an outward transformation impacting yourSelf and those around you. It is the practice of reflection and renewal. It is the mark of a leader

Here are a few questions you can begin asking yourSelf immediately?

  1. What would it take to?
  2. What would I need to know?
  3. What can I learn that will?
  4. What can I gain from?
  5. Who do I have to be in order to?

I’ve intentionally omitted all the ‘How” questions as that is another topic for another day.

This week practice asking yourSelf different questions. See how your Self talk impacts your week and take notes. Make the connection for your Self and feel free to share with me.

Trajectory Towards An American Dystopia?

Dystopia: an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or environmentally degraded one.

Aristotle claimed, “Art imitates Life.” Oscar Wilde argued, “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.” If life imitates art we are on a rapid trajectory towards “America the Dystopia?”

Here are some facts: Between 1980 and 2016, over one hundred-fifty feature films, twenty-four or more TV Shows, and a shoppers index of more than one hundred-fifty video games, take place in dystopian societies. The settings of these games, movies, and books are in a world that has been destroyed or is being destroyed. Between 1990 and 2016, more dystopian novels were written than in the entire history of literature. This genre of books, video games, and films is now reflected in our clothing, design tastes, and language.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, we liken a dystopian fetus, growing larger each month. Media publications, from The Atlantic to Time Magazine have used the word dystopia in their headlines throughout the year. We are surrounded by our new creation. This season’s dresses at Uniqlo, a Japanese apparel retailer located worldwide, appear to be inspired by TV’s rendition ofA Handmaid’s Tale, the dystopian novel by Margaret Atwood.

It’s a documented fact that our cities’ infrastructures are breaking down. Bridges and roads are in dire need of repair. Educational funding for the Arts, Culture, and Media is being cut. Environmental laws protecting our rivers, lakes, and oceans are being dismantled. We see grids in the sky that prior to 1990 never existed.

When we look at the settings for any dystopian movie or novel, we see environmental destruction; large cities filled with filth and deteriorating buildings, homeless people living on the streets or along the roads. If you currently visit any major US city like New York, Chicago, Detroit or Los Angeles, you may literally stumble over people living in cardboard cartons on the street. Take a drive along Interstate 90 in beautiful Washington State. Here, homeless families have established large campsites on the mountain side.

In a dystopian novel, we typically encounter a society ruled by a single tyrant or tyrannical political organization, whom the people have allowed into power. They’ve slept through the process, shrugging off political involvement with attitudes of victimization or thoughts like: “what could we have done?” By the time the “sleepers” have awakened and organized, Martial Law, where military government overrides our laws, is in effect.

Do our lives tether on the verge of paralleling this Art? Our subconscious is a sponge absorbing and incorporating what it sees and hears, all the while creating the next reality. Have we been setting the scene for our real life dystopian society since the 1990’s?

In the dystopian plot, the protagonist saves society. The protagonist steps up, kills the villain, saves the day, and begins a new society where peace and love form its foundation. Our protagonist wins through Love. It’s the protagonist’s love for humanity, righteousness, justice, and the planet that supersedes and conquers all.

Will we need to enact the entire setting, plot, climax, and resolution to reach Utopia, the imagined place where everything is perfect?

Many of us are actively and consciously working on changing the paradigm of our existing model of the world and replacing the old model with love, appreciation, and respect for everything on the planet and in our universe. These are the environmental activists, the change seekers, the mindful, the spiritual, the new educational leaders and visionaries.

Collectively we can create the new model. We must work quickly now through educating, creating, and incorporating a new and desirable model for the world through awareness and language. By replacing mindless consumerism with conscious awareness, we move from the throw away, plastic dependent society to becoming trailblazers for a modern day Utopia.

Richard Buckminster Fuller, American inventor, futurist, architect, and thought leader once said:

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Our model begins with our thoughts and language. We know language is a powerful creative force that brings ideas and things into worldly existence.

Awareness of our thoughts, words, and deeds, creating mindful lives, and reprogramming our old paradigms and consciousness to create a new and utopian future is now up to us. When we begin to speak consciously and mindfully, we will teach our children to be present, mindful, and conscious of thoughts, words, and deeds. They will grow up with a new paradigm for education and vision for a society where love, honor, respect for all on the planet and in the universe exists.

This is heaven on earth and through our conscious awareness of beginning this process, through intention, thought, and language, it is possible. Our new paradigm, will be the new model that made the dystopian one obsolete.

Scientists have seen a thought


You’ve heard it said often enough, “Thoughts are things.  Indeed they are, and if we needed to “see” it again to believe it, we still haven’t comprehended the nature of our reality. It’s complex. For skeptics, knowing that scientists have been able to “see a thought” might make it easier to believe in the “unseen”. Let’s “see”. You can read more about it in the latest edition of New Scientist.

For now, let’s work on your thoughts and what you’re thinking! You may have heard me say, everything is created twice. The first time, it’s created in your powerful imagination. It can be created as inspiring, exciting, and a wonderful event or story, or as worry, fear, anxiety, and misfortune. It can linger as a dark shadow or be brought to the light to do good for the world. How you perceive this will be up to you. All I know from my perspective, is that we dictate the direction of our thoughts. When our thoughts upset us we can practice identifying them first, then quickly using affirmations, redirect the energy and the outcome.We can redirect them! How powerful is that?

Here’s a testimonial I just received this weekend. It makes my heart sing when people get their lives and have their dreams come to fruition. Nothing makes me happier! 

“Elly’s guidance in my life has been an absolute god-send! Her gifts are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to work with her. I was going through the most difficult time of my life, and was considering backing out of Graduate school that I had worked so hard to get into.  Elly’s sage advice helped me stay the course- she said it would take me to the “next level” and a “higher vibration” in my life and work.  She was 100% right and the program has been beyond rewarding already!
Elly also described my soulmate who was entering my life soon, with perfect detail. Among many details that were perfectly described, she said I would be wondering “How’d I get so lucky?” once he entered my life. Today, one month after him entering my life, I am still asking myself that very question every day! I feel so blessed. 
Through some of my darkest times, Elly has helped me stay the course, open me up to changes that would take me to the next level, and, most importantly, brought me a shining sense of hope when I needed it the most.” - CA


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 Love and blessings to you all!

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The Magic of the White Light Blessing

Many years ago, back in New York, I was trained by an Israeli/ Moroccan Chazah (Seer). She taught me to read coffee grinds and perform white magic or sympathetic magic. The recipes dated back to biblical times and were orally passed from one Seer to another. During the ‘80’s a black unmarked car would pick her up and drive her to Washington DC. She never revealed who she worked for, that was left to my imagination. On rare occasions I practice what she has taught me. Given the intense planetary happenings, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, flooding, I am going to offer the White Light Blessing on September 19th, the eve before Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year and on September 20th only. 

This September 19th, on the eve before Rosh Hashanah and on September 20th, I will perform the White Light Blessing on the New Moon in Virgo. Pluto, the planet of power and money will support the Sun and the New Moon on this day. I will work with the White Light Energy of the highest energetic consciousness and the deep, reverent, energies of our sacred planet. The "White Light Energy" is beneficial to any dream, wish or goal you have. You vibrate at your unique energetic frequency. No one has your energetic signature. It's like your fingerprint. On this important day, use the "White Light Blessing" to release the old and create the new.

What is the “White Light Energy”? I use the symbolic solder and energy to create a unique figurine with your signature energy. This process taps into source energy and helps quicken results and creates a magic known by the ancients.  I worked with a client who needed to rent out units in his property. We worked together with the “White Light Blessing” and within two hours, renters appeared and rented!

This offer is only available on these two select dates and it’s not for everyone. It’s a frequency!  I offer this special service for $100.00 and will extend it to the first 9 people who schedule themselves for Sept. 19th or Sept. 20th. Once the slots have been filled, please do not schedule yourself for this offer on any other day. (The calendar doesn’t do what I want it to!)

You will receive your personal, energized figurine with instructions regarding what to do with it, depending on the energy that has been released. Each person and their figurine is unique and requires specialized instruction. This offer comes with a reading relating to the experience. The entire process will take about 30 min.

There are 5 openings for the 19th and 7 for the 20th. If you wish to be included in the 5 spots, please email me back ASAP, with a. Yes, I’m in. This is on a first come basis or schedule directly here:

Please note THIS ENERGETIC WORK is available ONLY ON SEPT 19th and SEPT. 20th, 2017

I look forward to creating the Magic of the White Light Blessing with you!

Love and blessings,


Panel Discussion: Getting Published in Today's Ever Changing Publishing World

July 13th @ 7 pm  Ravena, Third Place Books, Seattle, Wa. 

July 13th @ 7 pm  Ravena, Third Place Books, Seattle, Wa. 

Wondering what the best route for your manuscript is?

This touring panel of authors published by Black Opal Books will help to outline the different options available to authors seeking to publish!

They've taken a number of paths through publishing, and publish quite different types of books, so the panel will be helpful for any local writer looking for a catalyst toward releasing their magnum opus. The panel features authors Kathleen Kaska, Shannon Kennedy, Elly Molina, and Mark Reutlinger.

It's About Faith

“If you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you may say to this sycamore tree, 'Be uprooted and be planted in the sea', and it would obey you.” The Bible: Gospel of Luke Verse 17:6


Why is faith so hard to sustain for some and so easy for others? Is it a daily struggle? What would life be like if your faith to create were as strong as your belief the sun will rise tomorrow? Does having faith take practice? Is it something we are taught from childhood?
What is your faith like? Do you have to see with your eyes before you can believe? Do you put a time limit on your desires and when they don’t happen according to your timeline, do you resign yourself and feel defeated? Do you become cynical and lose your faith?

I’ve seen countless people struggle with keeping the faith of their dreams alive. Do you use a tool to remind you of your faith? Do you write down your wishes, dreams, and desires, and refer to it regularly? When we do that, we embed it into our subconscious and it's like the energy of a large magnet pulling our desires towards us. Things appear like puzzle pieces.

My dream was to live on the water. I have that now. Each morning, as I look out to the water, I remind myself, how grateful I am to be living here. It didn’t happen overnight. It took 8 years! Tonight, as I watched the sun set and the heron fly to the dock, I gave thanks for the miracle of having my dream come true. I'm certain you recall amazing dreams that have come true for you, too. It can be that way for all of us, most of the time. Too often, we abandon our dreams when the Universe’s timing disappoints us.

Think of all the dreams you’ve had come true for you! I’m sure the list is long. How did they happen? Timing has a lot to do with this. I’ve put together a very unique consulting program incorporating YOUR personal timing (you astrological chart and your transits) and psychic information, and out of the box consulting techniques.
Here is a recent testimonial : 

 Elly is the Mentor's mentor!

I was lost and in a dark space trying to launch 2 companies and find my personal harmony. I began receiving Elly's Astro-Psychic Program( Power and Contribution)  sessions. She helped put a foundation underneath me and recognize the beacon of my own lighthouse. The support & homework kept me on track and guided me forward. I am focused, grounded and happy! This is apparent in the decisions I make and the results I am now receiving. Thank you! Thank you Elly!

You can learn more about this program right here: . I'm just an email or text away and I'd love to work with you. 

I am available for quick check-ins,  readings, consulting, seminars, and speaking engagements.

Intending you have a wonderful week and I look forward to connecting with you!
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Honoring our Selves

As a kid, I used to belong to the Girl Scouts Troop # 3 . We marched in the Memorial Day Parade each year for as many years as I stayed in the Troop, and back then most of us put a lot of years into Girl Scouting. Memorial Day was a day of honor and respect for men and women who died while fighting in the Armed Services of the United States. It was a solemn and revered day. Stores used to be closed and we honored Memorial Day.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot of about honor and what it means to honor ourselves, others, our ideals, beliefs, and our word. When we honor ourselves, we respect ourselves and follow through with our word, to ourselves and others. Back in the day, giving your Word carried meaning and importance. It bonded people. Much has changed since then. We now sign lengthy contracts because our words no longer carry the importance and significance they once did. A person’s honor was his/her word.

With self awareness, we can restore this empowered way of being for ourselves. We can honor our own word to our Self first. If we tell ourselves, “I’m going to do this… I’m going to do that…” and then we follow through with our actions, we have empowered ourselves and the energy will manifest itself to those around us. It begins with us. When we honor ourselves we begin to grow as human beings. It’s a powerful and an empowering place to stand from.

What I’ve learned through my program Power and Contribution is that participants have learned to honor themselves and their word. They’ve become empowered and in return empower others. I recently received the following testimonial:  Elly is the Mentor's mentor!

I was lost and in a dark space trying to launch 2 companies and find my personal harmony. I began receiving Elly's Astro-Psychic Program( Power and Contribution)  sessions. She helped put a foundation underneath me and recognize the beacon of my own lighthouse. The support & homework kept me on track and guided me forward. I am focused, grounded and happy! This is apparent in the decisions I make and the results I am now receiving. Thank you! Thank you Elly!

I’ve seen incredible results happen for participants when they honor their word and see how deeply they can respect, love, and honor themselves. Doors open. There is no “stuck”. There is no “story.” There is no “victimization”.

I’ve added some powerful exercises in neuroscience to the program and if you’re interested in making lasting and serious changes; changes that empower you and lead you to contribute and grow, I’d like you to look at my program Power and Contribution.Together, with structured guidance from the psychic realm, astrological realm, and consulting, you. too can bring about a real paradigm change in your behavior. It will take dedication and it will take honoring your word to yourself. To learn more about my program, please check it out here: and contact me if you’d like to begin.

We all know what to do and yet, knowing makes no difference. We all know how to lose weight, how to make those important changes we tell ourselves we will, and yet, we don’t always hold ourselves accountable for these changes. In working together with me, we can create the accountability and we can hold you to YOUR WORD! 

Next weekend is the International Remote Viewers Conference. I will be presenting. Here is the link and please join us for a fascinating view on life:
As always, I'm available for readings, check-ins, and consulting!  I've upgraded the calendar and scheduling, so please use the new system at:

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Presenting at this year's

I will presenting at this year's International Remote Viewing Association Conference : 

During this presentation, participants will learn easy Remote Viewing Techniques to use with children, demonstrating children’s natural ability to RV and how utilizing this skill enhances self esteem and makes a difference in our world.

This presentation will last 30/40 minutes. During this time I will describe the experiences, methods and results I have had with young children. I will demonstrate how to teach RV to children. I will provide experiences from my personal, informal research, which covers over 10 years of practicing RV skills with children from as young as 3 to teens/ young adults.

This presentation demonstrates how children’s natural abilities when developed,help with improving self esteem, mindfulness, responsibility of one’s actions, in and out of classroom situations, and the world as a whole. Included is a follow up with earlier psi-kids, from 2006, and how these skills have enabled them to begin “dream careers.”



Have Fun Testing Your Psychic Abilities

We’re all psychic. You know that as well! Have you ever thought of someone only to run into them or have them call?  That’s being psychic. This week, let’s have a little fun while you see just how psychic you are!

If you’ve read my book, Children Who Know How to Know, you know I specifically work with children and their parents in the area of psychic development. To start we begin with Remote Viewing. Remote viewing refers to the ability to perceive distant objects or events without the use of our eyes. Using our mental faculty we perceive and then describe  objects, pictures, and/or locations, often called a Target.  Remote viewing is not restricted by time or distance and can be achieved by anyone. Remote Viewing is a learned ability and those who practice regular experience increased success.

This week, why not participate in in my Remote View Weekly?  Here’s all you do:

Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:

Once you’ve listened to the guided meditation, while focusing your mind on what’s inside the box, then submit your remote view results. You do not need to include your age (that’s there for the kids, unless you feel compelled to!)

Remember avoid judging what you see. I tell the kids, it could be an image of a dinosaur you’re seeing, so never judge. If your object isn’t clear, best to just write down colors, shapes, and other impressions you receive. Avoid judging what you “think” it could be and let your psychic muscles get some practice!

Have fun with this! I look forward to hearing from you and your results.

I am available this week for readings, quick check-ins, and consulting.

Enjoy the New Moon on April 26th, and remember to get your New Moon Wish List ready for the universe!

Love and blessings,


Happy April everyone! I celebrated April’s arrival school girl giddy upon learning my book,Children Who Know How to Know, had made the Amazon Best Seller List. Thank you for purchasing my book, and supporting me in such a positive and important way. I appreciate you all! The title can be deceptive because my book is for everyone who interacts with another. It’s about kindness, compassion, and our powerful abilities to create our own destiny using our innate psychic and intuitive abilities. It’s a book with potential to change the paradigm of the way we interact with each other and powerful enough to change the paradigm of education. You can order your copy here:

Speaking of books, those of you who have done the 30 Day Challenge, based on the reading of The Magic of Thinking Big, we will be sharing our results on Tuesday, April 10th at 6 pm pst and 9pm est. The call in number is:  1-515-739-1030 and the access code is 570 056 934#.

The next book we are reading is Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins, M.D. Ph.D. and our first call will be on Tuesday, April 10th at the number above at 6 pm pst/9 pm est.

Spring, Easter, and Passover, herald the seasons of new beginnings and new journeys. As Laozi ( ancient chinese philosopher & writer) said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” If you are interested in taking steps closer to achieving your dreams, please consider working with me in my program, Power and Contribution. Take an inventory of your life today. Check out the 7 areas of your life and measure their current status. How do the following areas look? Rate them on a scale of 1-10. Are there areas you'd like to change?

  • Physical Body  

  • Emotional

  • Relationships

  • Time management

  • Work/ career/ purpose

  • Finances

  • Spirituality

If these areas are out of balance and you’d like to work on them, take a look at Power and Contribution Also, if you know that old limiting beliefs are in your way, think about a session with me called: Getting to Nothing During these 75 minutes we dig deep into limiting beliefs and work on removing them and bringing them to the light so you can continue to move through them quickly when they insidiously return.

I’ve got some workshops planned for the month of April, May, and June, and will be getting more information out to you about them at the end of this week. These will be taking place in California. If you’re interested in an East Coast Workshop, please drop me an email and we will discuss details.  

As always, I’m available for quick check-ins, readings, and consulting.

Have a fabulous week!
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Now Is The Time To Get Serious About Your Dream

Why now? For one, it’s the New Moon in Aries and the first sign of the zodiac. Depending on the night’s visibility, a crown of stars in Aries will appear making it an auspicious day to declare serious intentions of turning your dreams into your next reality. This is a very positive new moon and a great time to share an inspiring story.

A few years ago, while having lunch with a dear friend, I asked the question, “What’s next for you?” She responded, “ I want to travel. I want to be engaged in meaningful work that allows me to contribute and I would love to work in the area of consciousness and transformation.” This conversation happened in the spring of 2016.

Today, while speaking with her, I reminded her of her manifestation. I jokingly said, “Do you remember last year when you told me what you wanted to do next?” She paused and I answered her question.

“Do you realize that you manifested your dream? You now travel with your work. You now work for one the most prominent international thought leaders, you’re making a difference, and you work in the area of transformation.”  

It took her by surprise at that moment. Her new position had quite “accidentally” come to her while she was job seeking. While talking to a friend, this friend mentioned a fabulous opportunity and my friend slid right into it. The universe provided and answered her requests.

I find it’s quite often like that when we learn to let go and release the attachments and the urgency of how it’s going to happen. Stay on course, hold the focus, maintain the self talk, and keep the vision and intention. Keep your energies around your dreams in check. Practice gratitude and a knowingness that the Universe/God has already heard you and is working to make it happen. Don’t be smarter than the Universe. Don’t negate what you’ve asked for by complaining and getting all negative about timing.

We’ve all had powerful dreams come true. Some take longer than others. Some are meant to take longer than others. My dream of Children Who Know How to Know, started over 30 years, back in 1987, when I worked with Middle Schoolers and spent tons of hours working on self esteem and empowerment. It’s what they were hungry for. They still hunger for this, although our educational institutions and some educators are slow to provide it for them (oops, I’m on my soap box).

This week, take actions. Stop talking about your dreams or planning them over and over again. Get to work on them and then practice letting go.

I am available for quick check ins, readings, and consulting. If you’d like to share a success story please do. I enjoy sharing your inspiring lives with others!

Sending you love and blessings!

You can order my new book, Children Who Know How To Know,  at:  or wherever books are sold.