What to Expect Now The Retrograde Is Over

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We’ve experienced an energy shift this week that feels really good coinciding with Mercury turning direct translating to: the Retrograde has ended! And with the Moon in Capricorn things take on a bit more serious flavor this weekend. It’s an excellent time to cement plans you’ve been postponing while waiting for the retrograde to pass. You can expect the energies around you to feel easier and more peaceful despite a serious overtone of having to get things done. You’ll feel you want to get them done now and you'll be feeling the pull towards Intuitive Living. You’re going to feel that jump start this weekend so get ready to clean out your homes, handle taxes, and begin the “Spring Clean Up”

With any clean up it’s always an excellent time for an assessment. We can ask ourselves, “ What would I give up if I already had the life I wish for?”  Let’s break that down. Say you had the job you really wanted. What would you give up doing or what ways would you give up being, if you already had what you wanted? Most people would give up complaining.

What would you give up if you had your dream home? Perhaps you’d give up the clutter or objects that have old emotional attachments you wouldn’t even want in your new life.

Using the planetary energies of cleansing, here are some weekend activities that happen to be in alignment with current planetary positions.

Start cleaning: Clean out your house, your car, your office. This includes all of your drawers, closets, file boxes, jewelry boxes, glove compartments, etc.  Ask yourself, “If I were already living my new life, would I want this?

Clean out your clothes and ask yourself “Would a person who has what I say I want wear this?” The more you can clean out this weekend, the more in alignment you’ll be with intuitive and conscious living.

Intuitive and Conscious living is making choices moment by moment that feel right and support us and our dreams. We identify between states of procrastination and intuition. If we intuitively know we need to clean up and we continue to procrastinate, we block our blessings. Then we wonder why things don’t come to us and why we aren’t in alignment with the ebb and flow.

This weekend, if you only take on one of the above projects, even start small, you’ll notice a remarkable difference in your energy levels. If it’s yard work you’re feeling drawn to, start there, if it’s the closets that need cleaning, get to work. You’ll feel amazing after it’s done because you will have experienced what it feels like to live intuitively. Imagine being able to live from that space and place all the time?

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Wishing you all a glorious weekend! 

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