Full Moon Magic

We’ve got a really important full moon tonight on September 13th so I'm sending  you a ritual and thoughts to implement for completion of this intense, powerful, even disruptive energy a few of you have been experiencing. 

If you fall into the category of having had some really rough experiences, you’re aware the Universe, your Higher Self, is pushing you towards your new goals and new role in life ( this includes Vertigo) 

And while you may be resisting, the more you resist, the greater the disruptions coming your way. With this Full Moon, now is the time, really, really, more than any other time we’ve had this year, to finally release, fully release, I won’t have this any longer in my life  release, all your old stuff! (Be mindful here. I am not advocating you quit a job or leave a position prematurely unless you are totally prepared and willing to fully step into the new) However, declaring, out loud, in a ceremony or ritual, that which you now release is enough to get the energies, your Higher Self, Universe/God moving in the direction you wish to go, without actually having to quit the position at this moment.

Now is the time to visually see yourself leaving the old, familiar shore and sailing off to the unknown. You may have a destination in mind and that’s great. Prepare yourself for the new and be open to the unknown. As French author, Andre Gide, once said, “You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” 

A number of interesting Full Moon clearing rituals are available. You can use crystals, write up a list of things to release and burn them, or create your own. I love this time of year for the bonfire ritual or firepit ritual. Dance out the old! Chant out the old! Drum out the old! Be creative. Our brains love to create and if you’d like to share your Full Moon Ritual with me and others, please send me an email. Here’s a link for my all time favorite Full Moon Ritual. I’d use Frankincense for cleansing. https://www.ellymolina.com/rituals-for-the-new-moon-full-moon-and-white-light-blessings
Then, you can magically close the ritual with a Sea Salt Bath! ( Full Moon in Pisces, remember?)

  • candles (white preferably)

  • Ylang Ylang essential oil

  • sea salt crystals ( take the ylang ylang essential oil and add it to the sea salt and declare your intentions as you do this) then let it sit for a bit before putting into the bath water.

enjoy this powerful Full Moon and create YOUR personal magic! Now is the time!! 

I’ve got limited slots open for the White Light Blessing on Sept. 19th, 20 and 23, the day of the Equinox. These days are super powerful and I’ll talk more about them in Monday’s newsletter.

Here’s the link for the White Light Blessing and my intention is that you will get one for your energy/ spiritual body, see it as taking a powerful antioxidant for your health! 

Have a magical weekend!
Enjoy your Full Moon Ritual!


About the White Light Energy: 
I work with the White Light Energy of the highest energetic consciousness and the deep, reverent, energies of our sacred planet. The  "White Light Energy" is beneficial to any dream, wish or goal you have. You vibrate at your unique energetic frequency. No one has your energetic signature. It's like your fingerprint. On this important day, use the "White Light Blessing" to release the old and create the new. I stress releasing at this intense powerful astrological time of the shift!

What is the “White Light Energy”? I use the symbolic solder and energy to create a unique “figurine” with your signature energy. This process taps into source energy and helps quicken results and creates a magic known by the ancients.  I worked with a client who needed to rent out units in his property. We worked together with the “White Light Blessing” and within two hours, renters appeared and rented!

This offer is only available on the selected dates and it’s not for everyone. It’s a frequency!  I offer this special service for only $125.00 (includes short reading & interpretation)  on these dates.  Once the slots have been filled, please do not schedule yourself for this offer on any other day. The calendar doesn’t do what I want it to! 

You will receive your personal, energized figurine with instructions regarding what to do with it, depending on the energy that has been released. Each person and their figurine is unique and requires specialized instruction. This offer comes with a mini reading. The entire process takes about 30 min.

Elly Molina

International concierge advisor & intuitive mentor