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What Is Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing?

Image from Movie Frequencies

Image from Movie Frequencies

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” – Viktor Frankl

Remote Viewing is creating quite the buzz right now and part of the excitement is from a fabulous documentary being released in 2019,  Third Eye Spies.

I first met the director and creator of this documentary, Lance Mungia, in 2015, when I presented my work with psi-kids at the International Remote Viewers Conference.  At the conference and previous conferences thereafter, I felt I had finally found a tribe that really understood my work and what I was doing, given they’d been doing this since the 1970’s. You may have seen some of these psychic spies in the movie, Men Who Stare At Goats, starring George Clooney

If you’re unfamiliar with Remote Viewing, it’s the ability to use our mental faculty to perceive and then describe an object, picture, and/or location, often called a Target, without the use of physical eyes. Remote viewing is unrestricted by time or distance and can be achieved by anyone. Remote Viewing is a learned ability and those who practice regularly experience increased success to see over distance and time. I began teaching basic remote viewing to Middle School students in New  York in 2006. Since then I’ve taught this remarkable skill to children and adults of all ages. You can practice on my website at:

One of the many benefits of remote viewing is being able to see a situation before hand from a distance in time and space. Example: What if there were an event you weren’t sure about attending. Rather than expressing doubt, concern, validating and justifying, and seeking confirmation for your choices from outside sources, you went within and remote viewed the situation and “saw” who was going to be there and what the energy would be like. For someone unfamiliar with this process, you may think it’s all your imagination. Well, truth is, the subconscious and the psychic realm communicate through the imaginal realm. 
A client sent me an email the other day saying, “Elly, you’re not going to believe this!” “I did what your told me and it worked!”  I chuckled and replied, “Of course it works, only You had to believe it!”

You’ve probably heard or read somewhere that we use less than 10% of our minds. This myth is still being perpetuated by popular positive thinking gurus. People just keep touting it as science. It’s not true. We are unlimited mind and expand our minds all the time. Our brains' potential is like the ever expanding universe, constantly evolving. It’s up to you how and whether you want to use it in a different capacity.

Have Fun Testing Your Psychic Abilities

We’re all psychic. You know that as well! Have you ever thought of someone only to run into them or have them call?  That’s being psychic. This week, let’s have a little fun while you see just how psychic you are!

If you’ve read my book, Children Who Know How to Know, you know I specifically work with children and their parents in the area of psychic development. To start we begin with Remote Viewing. Remote viewing refers to the ability to perceive distant objects or events without the use of our eyes. Using our mental faculty we perceive and then describe  objects, pictures, and/or locations, often called a Target.  Remote viewing is not restricted by time or distance and can be achieved by anyone. Remote Viewing is a learned ability and those who practice regular experience increased success.

This week, why not participate in in my Remote View Weekly?  Here’s all you do:

Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:

Once you’ve listened to the guided meditation, while focusing your mind on what’s inside the box, then submit your remote view results. You do not need to include your age (that’s there for the kids, unless you feel compelled to!)

Remember avoid judging what you see. I tell the kids, it could be an image of a dinosaur you’re seeing, so never judge. If your object isn’t clear, best to just write down colors, shapes, and other impressions you receive. Avoid judging what you “think” it could be and let your psychic muscles get some practice!

Have fun with this! I look forward to hearing from you and your results.

I am available this week for readings, quick check-ins, and consulting.

Enjoy the New Moon on April 26th, and remember to get your New Moon Wish List ready for the universe!

Love and blessings,