Thoughts Are Things

I am intending this day finds you well, happy and blessed. September, with the two eclipses, and especially that last eclipse, was a really tough time as I'm hearing back now from people in our tribe. Eclipses are hard, especially this last one, and thankfully, it won't be happening again so soon during our lifetime. For all of you who have known people that suffered a tremendous loss this past week, my condolences go to you, your family and their families. This eclipse was a harsh one.

If you believe and follow astrology, there are still a few more days this month you may just want to lay low and not start any new projects. On Oct. 6th, the Sun and Pluto are at odds, so my recommendation is to not start anything new. Wait until the retrograde is over on the 9th.

Good news this week, astrologically speaking, Venus enters Virgo, time for new clothes, new hairstyles, etc. beautification, and then the retrograde is over! Yay!
Once again, one of the greatest lessons I have seen learned these past weeks is how being totally mindful of thought and speech give us the outcomes we truly desire. One of our members had been going through a really rough patch for about 3 weeks. It felt and looked as if Murphey's Law was reigning. Then, gathering control of his thoughts, words and deeds, he erased the slate, and begin new. Every day he did mirror work ( looking into the mirror and affirming ), he did incantations ( which you've heard me talk about if you've ever had a reading with me) and he focused his thoughts on what he wanted and was super vigilant of his language. He omitted all the statements of what he DIDN'T WANT and spoke only of what he did want. Amazing, within two weeks, he achieved what had taken him months before to achieve. It was as if the universe just opened to his command.

Remember what Einstein said,” No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” This man changed his consciousness and created a new life for himself. It takes practice, dedication and work. Isn't it worth it?

Sometimes we are unaware of our constant thoughts and chronic complaints. A reading can really bring these unconscious thoughts to the surface.

If you'd like a prescription to begin changing your life and achieving your goals with ease and alacrity, I suggest you begin with the “ New Moon White Light Blessing” happening this Oct. 12th. You can book your session online with the schedule now button. From there we can look at your constant, underlying thoughts and see what you'd like to bring into your life and go about creating the prescription to reset and move forward. If you're willing to do this, I am here to work with you in achieving your highest dreams and goals.

Sending you love and light for a magnificent week!