Have Fun Testing Your Psychic Abilities

We’re all psychic. You know that as well! Have you ever thought of someone only to run into them or have them call?  That’s being psychic. This week, let’s have a little fun while you see just how psychic you are!

If you’ve read my book, Children Who Know How to Know, you know I specifically work with children and their parents in the area of psychic development. To start we begin with Remote Viewing. Remote viewing refers to the ability to perceive distant objects or events without the use of our eyes. Using our mental faculty we perceive and then describe  objects, pictures, and/or locations, often called a Target.  Remote viewing is not restricted by time or distance and can be achieved by anyone. Remote Viewing is a learned ability and those who practice regular experience increased success.

This week, why not participate in in my Remote View Weekly?  Here’s all you do:

Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:

Once you’ve listened to the guided meditation, while focusing your mind on what’s inside the box, then submit your remote view results. You do not need to include your age (that’s there for the kids, unless you feel compelled to!)

Remember avoid judging what you see. I tell the kids, it could be an image of a dinosaur you’re seeing, so never judge. If your object isn’t clear, best to just write down colors, shapes, and other impressions you receive. Avoid judging what you “think” it could be and let your psychic muscles get some practice!

Have fun with this! I look forward to hearing from you and your results.

I am available this week for readings, quick check-ins, and consulting.

Enjoy the New Moon on April 26th, and remember to get your New Moon Wish List ready for the universe!

Love and blessings,