So Many Changes

What an eclipse we had! I would love to hear how the powerful energy shifts have been affecting you. Many people will still be feeling the effects of this partial solar eclipse for the next few weeks, ( I'm sorry). This eclipse promised to reveal hidden problems, stories we don't want to hear, and truths we are not quite ready to face. It's ok. You've been forwarned because when Saturn starts getting comfortable in Sagittarius, truth will reign. People, circumstances, situations around you are going to get real . People are no longer going to be protecting you from the truth because they're afraid you'll be hurt. You'll be hurt or not. If you're honest with yourself, you'll admit you knew it all along. The eclipse helped you see some of what's ahead.
For those who have had only smooth sailing so far, you are the exceptions and the universe would love a huge show of gratitude for having spared you this unveiling. We are not out of the forest just yet. We are entering into the mercury retrograde on the 17th, so make sure all your paper work has been handled and remember hold off purchasing any large electronic equipment, including cars, or computers till the retrograde has ended.
With the placement of my personal planets this month ( not sure where yours are? You can book a transit report with me) I saw it as an opportune time to redo my website and introduce you to some new features. I've merged psi-kids with my personal webpage and have introduced two new features to my website: Ask Elly ( a free venue to ask your questions and I'll get to them in the order they come through) and I'm offering pet readings (it may take a few days before you'll see the new site up).
As always, you can order your personal astrological transit report from me, schedule readings, coaching sessions, pet sessions, as well as quick check ins, where it's by the minute, if you don't need the full 30 or 60.
Check out the site, explore and have fun. I'm looking forward to hearing from you and sending you love and blessings and smooth sailing for this retrograde.
Stay calm! Love light and magic,