Brain to Brain communication has finally been achieved!

Brain to brain communication has finally been achieved! For all of us who know that telepathy is a real phenomena and not part of the “magical” world, rather very simple science, without the scientific proof, this was great news! Next time you can't sleep at night because thoughts of someone are keeping you awake, there is a very excellent chance you are the receiver of someone else's thoughts and emotions about YOU! There's not a whole lot you can do as the receiver, other than acknowledge you are the receiver and then either engage in their communication with them ( in case of a budding romance) or acknowledge their communication and send them away mentally with your thoughts. If you have any other suggestions, please share at the bottom of the blog. I am always eager to hear of other people's methods of stopping or thwarting unwanted telepathic communication or engaging in the wanted kind. 

Speaking of telepathic communication, there sure was a lot of that happening on the night of the full moon lunar eclipse, where millions of people participated in the extraordinary viewing. I enjoyed watching this eclipse so much. There was such great energy abounding!

Astrologically speaking, it's going to be a quiet week as we get closer to finishing up the Mercury retrograde and thankfully the bulk of the obsessive Mars in Virgo energy is beginning to wane. When Mars is in Virgo people have a tendency to relive old obsessions without realizing it. If you find this happening to yourself, just know it's a planetary thing and will pass in a few weeks. It's best not to take actions around your obsessive behaviors and indulge in them. See them, acknowledge them and then do not act on them. Sit on your hands if you must or duct tape your mouth ( symbolically speaking).

For those of you who participated in the “White light blessing”, know this was a very powerful day and that your dreams and wishes are coming to fruition. Here is a testimonial I just received the other day, “ Elly has predicted so many things for me that I haven't even called about to share.Things no one else has even foreseen. I love you and I am very happy for you that many are realizing how truly gifted you are. You're a truly honest and genuine soul. Blessings to you.” - MN

So, trust in the power of the White Light Blessing and allow infinite intelligence and the Divine to bring you your dreams, wishes and desires.

I am available for readings and look forward to reading for you. May you have a blessed and happy week. The next White Light Blessing will be on the New Moon of Oct. 12th pst. I look forward to your participation on this next one!

Have a fabulous week!
Love and blessings,



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