Accessing 4th and 5th Dimensionality

We currently live in what some people refer to as transitional times, end times or what I refer to as the New Episteme. Many people still reside in a third dimensional frequency (limiting belief systems, repeated conversations, denial and rejection of esp, psychic phenomena, believing that if they see it, then it’s real, the belief that thoughts and language are not connected to creating our reality) You may know or work with a few of these people. Conversations can be frustrating when we go to “teach” them about higher consciousness and awareness. This is where the chasm in our thoughts and belief system feels worlds apart. We wonder how it’s possible there are people who still don’t believe their chronic complaining and lack of personal responsibility has an affect on the circumstances of their life. We are witness to the split every day; just watch the news on TV.

Where you dwell, in which dimension, 3rd, 4th, or 5th, is directly reflected in your thoughts, your conversations, your knowledge of what’s happening in this collapsing of time and the quantum universe, your actions, and your circumstances. 

Spiritualists, clairvoyants, channelers, scientists, have predicted the oncoming of this time in history, however, collective consciousness is always slow to change, and as the sleepers sleep, the awakened are living vastly beautiful, peaceful, stress free, blissful, abundant lives. Many dwell in a parallel universe and if you are still experiencing pain, suffering, lack, dissatisfaction with career and your life, it’s time to learn and understand more about the higher dimensions of consciousness, how to access them, and what is available when we live and work from there.

The chasm deepens, and while these two worlds are still entangled, the gap grows. Much of this information is coming through to me in my sessions with clients. Lightworkers are called now more than ever before to learn as much as they can in order to raise consciousness and bring those people tethering on the periphery who intuitively know they are needed and still require further training to access higher dimensional thinking and live from this state.

Part of living in higher dimensionality is the feeling of Cosmic Oneness that exists, The Oneness of pure love, bliss, joy, peace, grace and harmony, where humans living on earth in higher dimensionality are accessing more frequently now than at any other time of human history.

When the portal opened on August 8, 2018 divine energies flowed into and through us. It's time for us to increase our knowledge of self awareness and actualization. It’s time to learn to live in these higher dimensional states while residing on a 3-d plane of material density.

If you are called to this work and wish to learn how to live and achieve easily and effortless from this new conscious awareness, now is the time to work with me. As time collapses, what once took years of knowledge, is now condensed and taught in shorter sessions and bursts. You’ll have an expedited plan to fulfill your lightworker calling in the here and now without having to take years of slower moving 3-dimensional linear thinking to get your results.

If you are called to work with me, please schedule your complimentary 30 minute session and let’s see how we can work together to have you achieve your best life now! Why struggle and live in such a dense world when lightness, opportunity, creation, and abundance is so readily available?

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Learn about accessing higher consciousness at this crucial time in our lives. Utilizing the part of your brain that allows you to easily remote view ( see without eyes), practice telepathy, and discover how developing these skills provide seamless access to the 5th Dimensionality.

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Please know that time is collapsing and with each day you procrastinate and remain hesitate or fearful, the gap between the dimensions, your dream, and where we are heading as lighter, frequency beings, grows larger.

If you've been reading my past newsletters you know that the portal to higher consciousness has been opened and access to higher dimensionality is now easily and readily available if you know and understand what to do and how to be a part of it.

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The New Episteme

This eclipse and the subsequent days to follow will surely impact many of us in most interesting ways. I suggest you journal your experiences. Coincidences, synchronicities, exciting phenomena have a way of disappearing from our memories when not recorded. With the eclipse right behind us and the very powerful Lion’s Gate Portal ( August 8th, 2018) ahead of us, it’s quite possible you are feeling a bit disoriented. No cause for alarm. Consciousness is shifting. You may be feeling and sensing it without understanding. A friend shared this experience with me a few hours after the eclipse:

“On my drive to work today, 4.7 miles from my home, I looked out at the trees and felt as if I was looking at them from above and I saw them differently, as though it was another dimension, like a city in a snow globe being shaken”  

This was a glimpse from another dimension. You may also notice yourself having similar experiences. Hence, record it. You’ll want to reference back to these experiences as you document your experiences of entering into a new and historic Episteme.

You may be hearing and reading a lot about the shift in consciousness, the paradigm shift, and the New Earth and if you haven’t, you’ll be hearing more from me as the weeks and months go by only I am not going to refer to this new consciousness as the “New Earth Movement”; as we are only historically entering into this period now. Perhaps the“New Earth” will stick. Historians will record this new time and eventually name it. 

If anyone is familiar with the work of the famous philosopher, linguist and historian, Michel Foucault, you’ll recall that he worked with the concept of Epistemes.

Foucault taught that the history of science is not a single, linear trajectory towards more knowledge but rather perspectives, conversations, discoveries, and insights that disrupt the current cultural perspective. There are historically only three major Epistemes in over the last 800 years in western european culture.

In order to understand an Episteme, look at it like this: there is the conscious behavior of a culture and the unconscious behavior. The conscious rules of society are rules we know and understand consciously and make decisions according to. We consciously know that our society dictates we publicly wear clothes every day. The unconscious levels that determine how we think, write, and behave are so deeply embedded into our society and belief system we wouldn't even think of walking out the door to go to a public event naked! 

An example of an episteme is the Middle Ages: In the Early Middle Ages what was considered scientific knowledge would be ridiculed by today’s scientists. That the Earth was flat or that the planets revolved around Earth would be dismissed immediately by modern scientists.  However, at the time of those teachings with their knowledge, it was considered scientific fact .

The Episteme is the unconscious rule that governs serious scientific conversations in a certain society in a certain time. And this determines what does and does not get taken seriously by the scientific community. We are now entering into a new Episteme in the history of humanity. Remember, it is unconscious. Most of the time people are not even aware of this because it is a set of unconscious rules that govern our behavior.

You may wonder how the Episteme differs from the Paradigm:

1. A  paradigm is conscious. Scientists and researchers are conscious of this knowledge and behavior. An Episteme is unconscious because the rules are so deeply ingrained in our thinking.

2. A paradigm happens in a specific field of study, ie. history, linguists, art, etc. where as the episteme encompasses all facets of culture, history, and science.

3. Paradigms do not live long. There could be several paradigm shifts in a century.  According to Foucault, epistemes happen very rarely. There have only been three epistemes in science in western culture in the past 800 years,

Therefore when an episteme changes its impact on science and society is huge.  It happens in every discipline at once. Last Summer at the Salon in Krakow, I spoke aboutEpistemes and my views that we are now creating a new Episteme.

This change will impact us tremendously. We don’t even have an accurate vocabulary to discuss many of these changes yet. It will be up to us to create the vocabulary.  Those of us on the forefront might refer to ourselves as Lightworkers, bringing the new heightened awareness and unconscious changes to the world.

A few years ago, my friend telling me he saw the trees and felt as if he was looking at them from above and saw them differently, as though it was another dimension, would be called crazy or just dismissed. Only now, as we understand and have experienced other dimensionality, telepathy, remote viewing, telekinesis, spontaneous healings, remote/distance healings, we begin to find this phenomena in scientific magazines and journals. We are witnessing the new Episteme. It’s an exciting time to live in, aware and mindful, as our consciousness and personal awareness will shape the developingEpisteme we are entering.

I am very excited for what is next as we enter into new realms of dimensionality, tip the scales of consciousness, and create history!  This is an incredible time to be alive!