Ready To Get What You Want Using Your Reticular Activating System?

What is the Reticular Activating System and what happens when we use it with manifesting?

The RAS is a bundle of nerves with many functions and its primary function is a filter or “gatekeeper” to prevent our consciousness from an overload of information and stimulation.

The RAS is located at the base of your skull and filters out information. You’ve probably all experimented with the game, “find the yellow car” and suddenly you see all the yellow cars around you and if I asked, “how many red cars did you see?” you’ll say none cause you were focused on yellow. This system is working with us all day long…. So what would it take to make this system work with us to achieve our goals, dreams and desires? 

Here are a few simple tips: 

  1. Focus on what you want NOT what you don’t want  Want to win the lottery? Focus on lottery winners and get around “winners”. Tell yourself I AM A WINNER and then begin to look (RAS) for all the times you’ve won something and tell yourself multiple times during the day, “I am a winner” and begin to look for evidence and opportunities.

    You want to tell the gatekeeper to let though the information you are focusing on. See it as Radar filtering all the data and  allowing only the things YOU are interested in 
    Soon, the frequency will manifest new opportunities that have been there all the time but you haven’t seen them. Use a visualization process… use affirmations, use a vision board and the universe will begin to supply you with the resources to achieve your desired results. 

You’ll be given people, places, things, events, articles, and you may think of these as signs, or synchronicities, or fate, and you can call it what you want, it’s your RAS doing its job! 

So, this week as we head towards the New Moon on Wednesday, July 31st, take a look at the methods you’ve been using to manifest your goals, dreams, and desires and if you’d like serious expedited results, I invite you to work with me in my MindPower Edge Consulting Program. Why wait “to figure it out” and practice trial and error, when a path to circumvent all the guessing is available. The tools are there and I’ve got an over abundance of them available for you. Here’s a link for a complimentary call to see if my program is a match for you and your goals. 

Elly Molina

International concierge advisor & intuitive mentor