Aquarian Full Moon Ritual

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 15th is a perfect time for some summer magic! In my last newsletter I wrote I’d provide you with an easy and effective Full Moon Ritual. Depending on which House the transiting Full Moon falls in your personal astrological chart determines which area of life you’ll be most impacted. To learn more about the Astrological Houses, check my astrology primer here:

Once upon a time, Astrology and Astronomy were the same. Both Astrologers and Astronomers still share the love of the cosmos and continually look to the stars for answers to life’s questions and whether you believe in astrology or not, we know the moon influences the tides, large bodies of water and animals. Water comprises 60-65% of our body. Can we really escape planetary influences? 

With this Aquarian moon opposite Leo it’s a great time to get in touch with your emotional body and work on releasing immature and underdeveloped behaviors that hinder you from developing greater emotional maturity and depth. As we gain greater emotional intelligence, our abilities to work in the higher dimensions and psychic world increase. The Universe opens for us and manifesting just gets a whole lot easier.  

The following is a ritual for releasing emotional hinderances: 

  • Light your white candles for purification, release, and cleansing.

  • Write the top immature/negative/ disempowering behaviors you’re going to release on paper and then: ( gossiping, complaining, excessive judging, anger, needing to be right, etc.)

  • Offer them to the fire… bonfires, campfires, candles.. Any sort of fire and declare

I am now willing to release any and all emotional blocks preventing me from obtaining my greatest wishes and desires.

I release all blame and take full responsibility for my thoughts, emotions, and actions.

I release all that is unlike love and goodness 

So be it and so it is…

Wishing you all a magical weekend filled with love, joy and abundance! 


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