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We’ve got a Full Moon happening today

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We’ve got a Full Moon happening today ( 4 am est… 7 am pst) however, we’ve got the next two days and nights to perform Full Moon Magic rituals.
I came across this one the other day in an old book of Spells in my library. It’s simple and easy and only involves a few steps. 
This is a Full Moon Magic Spell for manifesting an existing desire that needs a little push or a new beginning that could benefit from some immediate movement and attain quick results. 

Here’s what you’ll need:  

  1. A place you’ve never been to before (it can be local but must be outdoors)

  2. A small bag or drawstring bag

  3. A small yellow or citrine crystal or yellow stone

Timing: The Day of the Full Moon or one day before or one day after

The Spell:

  1. Place the crystals in the pouch and take them to the new place. Stand in the open air facing EAST.

  2. Hold the crystal in your power hand ( the one you write with) and the pouch in your receptive hand. Raise the crystal towards the light and say  “This is new This is good. Tomorrow will be good and the days after will be good till new becomes familiar”

  3. Put the crystal back in the pouch and close it

  4. Find or buy something tiny in the new place ( a flower, a twig, a stone, anything small enough to fit into the pouch) and then

  5. Standing in the same spot as before, hold the new item in your power hand and the closed pouch in your receptive hand. Offer the new item to the sky and repeat the words above.

  6. Put the new item in your pouch with the crystal.

  7. When you get home put the pouch in an East facing window and in the morning

  8. Carry the pouch with you or leave it in your car, etc.

  9. Repeat Thank You, Thank You, Thank you three times… and let the magic happen

You can also make a pouch for someone who needs to manifest something and give it to them as a lucky talisman.
So often we do spells and rituals and forget we’ve done when. It’s important to stay aware while doing the spell and even remain aware after, knowing that what you’ve put into motion is coming to fruition.
Have a magical evening and fabulously created week! 
Love and blessings,

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Elly Molina

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