Mercury Retrograde, Again?

Last week I wrote of the deeper spiritual connections you may experience with the planet as Mars enters Pisces from Nov. 15th till the end of December. If you’re feeling pulled to get to nature follow that pull. It’s the planet calling you home. Follow your intuitive hit and heed the calling. On November 16th Venus, the planet of love and money turns direct after it’s retrograde since October. Money and love experiences will now be moving forward again. If you’re planning on dating this is a perfect time to begin. Also, our relationships to others take on more warmth and deeper connections at this time. You may find it easier to express your emotions.  And while all these warm and fuzzy feelings are going on, Mercury Retrogrades  on November 16th until December 6th. If you’re unfamilier with the Mercury Retrograde, that might be a blessing or you can look it up here in the astrology primer: ( scroll till you find the Mercury Retrograde)

I suggest you become the observer of the Mercury Retrograde experience rather than a participant or victim of it. Things always happen.Things always break down. Pay attention. You want to be greater than the collective consciousness' belief that Mercury Retrograde will mess up your life. These make great sensational blogs and it’s an excellent time to step back and become the Observer of the phenomena rather than a participant in it.

Many of you have reported to me you’ve felt an energy shift, a lightness of being lately that hadn’t been present for a long time. You’ve been sensing and feeling the optimism of Jupiter working now in Sagittarius for the next year. The energy of the planet, with Mars in Pisces, has shifted and it’s a great time to record your experiences, feelings, synchronicities, coincidences, and spiritual/ psychological insights over the next few months.

We are no longer entering the higher dimension realms, we are in them and If you’ve been feeling the pull towards becoming a Lightworker (perhaps this is not your language) the healer, the teacher, the spiritual guide or student, the seeker, the one who knows you’re here to make a difference, then consider yourself among those who have been called. Now, it’s up to you to heed the calling and follow through with The Work  (more on The Work in Monday’s email)

It’s time to step into the acceptance of the Planet’s calling for you. Not everyone is called; however, there’s an extremely high chance that if you’re reading this email, spirit, God/ Source/ Angels… some connection outside of your beta brain thinking has connected with you and watered the seed within you. Now is the time to get out and make the difference. If you’re uncertain what that looks like or where you’d even begin we can look at that on a complimentary connection call. When our paths call us and we ignore the calling there is a sadness and longing that lodges itself in our bodies. I invite you not to go down that path when other paths, more alive  and fulfilling await you. It’s a simple choice.
I've got a few openings for connection calls tomorrow and then again after the 25th. Why not take advantage of this, set aside some time, and see if we can find the way for you to step into your greater dreams and inner callings.

Elly Molina

International concierge advisor & intuitive mentor