The Alchemical Power of Words

In the beginning was the Word

This week’s planetary excitement is all about the New Moon in Scorpio On November 7th, at 11:03 am est/ 8:03 am pst. If you’re unfamiliar with New and Full Moon Rituals, you can read about them here:

We plant our seeds for the future on the New Moon. We write our wishes in the present tense then tuck them away for their fulfillment in the future. Think of the wish as the arrow, pulled and released from the bow. It’s in motion now and approaching it’s target.

This Scorpio New Moon is an excellent time for some cleaning, too. Although we associate the New Moon with new beginnings we often need to cleanse first. If there are things to clean out in your life, whether in physical form, people, things, it’s a perfect time. This New Moon in Scorpio offers to reveal secrets and reasons we may have been wondering “why”. One of my favorite affirmations to speed along the information is a simple, “Everything is revealed to me now”.  Then be ready for the revelations! 

Revelations often come to us in the form of words. And the world and everything in it manifests through the element of speech. Our words have the power to create great goodness, health, and happiness. Our words have the power to create miracles and bring forth from the unseen realm. Like, clay, being molded into form, that is the power of our words. The etymology of the English word “Word”  (woort) is Old Germanic ( Old Saxon and Old Frisian) and meant a promise. The English word for “Wound” (wund) also derives from (Old Saxon and Old Frisian) Wound and Word have common similarities in other languages as well, because the Word causes Wounds as well as heals. We wound ourselves and others through the words we continuously repeat to ourSelves in our self talk. We deprecate, we doubt, we diminish our beautiful perfection daily. We create dis-ease causing emotions to flood our bodies when we speak unkindly of ourselves or use hateful words towards others and ourselves. The Word can be both healer and causer of many wounds. We lash out at others when angry ( unless you’ve got your emotional IQ seriously developed) and we know age has nothing to do with Emotional Intelligence. We see this ongoingly through our social media sites where prominent people use words harshly to wound others.

If you’re interested in attaining a better life and if you’re looking to walk the spiritual journey, the place to begin is with your Word. When you give your Word to another, you’re giving aPromise. When you give your Word to another it counts. When you give your Word to youSelf it matters. When you speak kindly and lovingly to yourself and all living entities on this planet, it matters. It is a frequency. When you speak cruelly and diminishing to yourSelf and others you cause harm to your own body and those around you. It is a choice, like everything in life. Choose your thoughts and your words wisely. When you do, miracles will happen. Perhaps you will use this time to begin a conscious practice using Your Words to Heal. Start with your Self Talk! 

I’m doing the White Light Blessing on November 7th. The calendar is full right now, however, if you wish to have a White Light Blessing, please send me an email and I’ll see if we can work in a time for you.

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Elly Molina

International concierge advisor & intuitive mentor