Your Amazing Human Potential

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.” 
 Ralph Waldo Emerson


Back in the 80’s when I was a Middle School teacher in New York, I envisioned writing a book titled, “Yes, YOU Can, too”. The topic revolved around empowering teens to achieve and accomplish anything they wanted provided they had guidance, desire, and a defined plan to achieve it.
Thirty-one years passed before Children Who Know How to Know, was published, and while it’s not an empowerment book for teens, it provides adults with tools to empower and guide themselves and others. I mention my book because last Wednesday, October 10th, I conducted my first California Workshop since 2016, where I incorporated exercises from it.

At Mystic Bookshop in Venice, California, participants and I just marveled at the successful results so many had with remote viewing for the first time and telepathic activities. Remote viewing is seeing across distance and time without the use of your eyesight. We use our“third eye” the pineal gland to see. The participants sat across from a treasure chest placed on a table in the front of the room. No one could see into the treasure chest with their eyes. They had to use a different part of their brain and consciousness to get “inside” the chest to “see”. Below are some of the images the participants drew as they psychically “peered” into the box. Then, they took their consciousness and looked into folders to see images. Bottom line, all the images here, known as “Bullseyes” and “Hits” happened without the use of participants’ physical eyesight. They used easy remote viewing techniques with their eyes closed.

If you’re asking why learn and practice this? Well, for one, it’s very, very, very empowering to realize your personal psychic abilities. And, once you’ve gotten a taste of what YOU can do mentally and psychically, you’ll have more courage and mental fortitude to boldly pursue dreams that may have held you back due to fearful thoughts and monkey mind chatter. In my book, Children Who Know How to Know, I share how important having psychic and intuitive skills are for emotional development and accessing higher consciousness. One can not access higher consciousness and awareness when worry, despair, anxiety, and defeating self talk occupy your mental focus and energy.

Developing psychic ability demands trusting your intuition. The faster you learn to act on your intuition, the more successful you will be, both personally and professionally and it’s important to identify how your specific intuition appears. Some of us feel it in our bodies. Others hear. For some, it’s a vision or perception of energy, and for me, it’s a combination and a deep knowingness appearing out of thin air. Developing your intuition and psychic abilities is your connection to Higher Consciousness, Greater Conscious Awareness, and greater dimensionality.

Over the years of working in this field with children and adults, I’ve developed a few programs to teach you to access, develop and trust your intuition. This week I’ve opened12 slots for a complimentary conversation with me to discuss how you may begin or continue to develop your intuitive and psychic abilities. Also, we can look at what beliefs may be holding you back and what to do about them.
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30 minutes
Looking to access, enhance, develop and work with your own powerful psychic abilities? Not sure how this can benefit. Set up a time to speak with me and let's see what you can achieve through this program and working with me.

As always I’m available for readings, check-ins, and consulting.

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" Thank you, Elly! What a lovely experience it was to go beyond my thinking critical mind and just go for it.. it was amazing!!!  - First time Remote Viewer 

"An awesome workshop. Thank you Elly

Elly Molina

International concierge advisor & intuitive mentor