Hunter's Full Moon Abundance Spell

“Your wealth is hiding under the very thing you are afraid to do. It's time to face your fears and take action. Expect Miracles.” – Joe Vitale


Tomorrow, October 12, Venus opposes Uranus retrograde ( see Astrology Primer)
and this square can create tension in relationships. Just remind yourself, no relationship is without flaws. Restore your Integrity to yourself and clean up what needs to be cleaned up. 

The Full Hunter’s Moon happens on October 13th in Aries. The moon and sun will be affected by Pluto and Saturn. Jupiter saves this day by harmonizing with the Sun and the Full Moon, bringing you the possibility of a miracle! It’s great to be on the lookout for Miracles. Our awareness is so often distracted with drama and trivia we neglect to see and appreciate the miracles abounding. Pay attention on the 13th to miracles happening in your life and extend gratitude even for those unpleasant situations which are our greatest teachers and provide us with a new level of growth when we alter our perception from victimization to responsibility.

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This Month’s Hunter’s Full Moon Ritual is Dedicated to Attracting Money:

Items you will need: 

  • Green and/ or white candles

  • Patchouli, oil

  • drawstring bag, ( preferably a green conjure bag) and up to

  • three green crystals ( you can use jade, aventurine, emerald,

The ritual: On the night of the Full Moon, set up your little alter with Green and/ or white candles and face your alter towards the Full moon at the time you are doing your ritual. 

Anoint your candles with Patchouli while declaring: Full Moon Magic brings Luck and Abundance to my life.  Then anoint your crystals with Patchouli oil and repeat.. Full Moon Magic brings luck and abundance into my life. Leave your crystals out in the light of the full moon ( don’t worry if it’s cloudy. It’s all energy and intention)  The next morning, place your crystals in your conjure pouch and declare: Abundance and Luck are with me now. Carry your pouch with you till the New Moon or keep it near you if you’re unable to carry it in a bag or pocket. 

Each time you touch or view your pouch remind yourself, Abundance and Luck are with me now!

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