Sun Squares Saturn and Venus Enters Scorpio

This week as the Sun squares Saturn ( not easy energy) and Venus enters Scorpio (ladies, lay off grilling your guys and guys prepare for it and ladies, refrain from asking the men in your life a ton of multiple choice questions)  take a reprieve from these energies and read the happy story I’ve got for you! 
I love when people succeed and find happiness for themselves, creating a ripple effect for others. Ever notice how others around you are happier when you’re happy? They just can’t help it. The rock doesn’t just fall into the water and go down; it creates beautiful ripples. It’s similar to what happens with us. Our energy doesn’t just end at our fingertips. It permeates from our body to the space around us and others in our morphogenetic field. “As within, so without.” 

K. sat at her desk, answering phone calls and chatting with friends during down time. Employed by a local company for nine years, K felt restless and had a driving urge to create something exciting for herself, her family and the community. Her vision board held images contributing to the community as a leader. When K came to me she had stopped dreaming. Her vision board was stale and lacked pizazz and emotion. During our reading I saw her vitality & passion. K's astrological chart had her  destined for a more glamorous life than the one she was hiding in now. We examined what a life like that could look like. 

Shortly thereafter, K called ready to open a Spa! She decided she wanted to contribute to other people’s lives through opening a luxury Spa and knew she could and would do it. We psychically tapped in to “see” and wow this looked successful! K had never owned her own business. She trusted her intuition and hired me as her  “psychic consultant”. We worked together for a year.

I would recommend Elly to anyone who needs the inspiration and clarity that Elly’s consulting service has provided me. I have been consulting with Elly for more than a year and her advice and vision to my everyday life has really paid off for me and my family.  On a very important note, I started my own business one year ago providing my home town a first class day spa providing my guests an amazing experience. Elly walked me through the opening process and provided me the insight on how to achieve my goals for my business and personal life.  Elly has become more than an advisor and I can call her a true friend that always has my best interest at heart. Prior to working with Elly, my life was abstract. She gave me a sense that everything was possible if I knew how to ask for it! 

Success and happiness are contagious. I’ve worked with a number of clients over the past few months who have created major miracles for themselves. From creating abundance in unexpected ways, to landing their dream jobs, and it’s all happened in a span of three months. It takes focus, consistency, determination, and support. Most people lack support in their projects and dreams making it super easy for habitual thoughts and actions to take over again. 

Remember the subconscious rules over 90% of what we do. While we think we’re in control, the subconscious is unless commanded by very strong conscious awareness.  We are not in charge of the monkey mind until we learn and practice what it takes to command and dictate the subconscious. There is a system to success and you can learn to employ this system to have the life you say you want.

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  • Our subconscious runs 90% of our lives. That’s the amount of time we’re on auto pilot … learn what some of those tricky obstacles are and

  • how they show up in our lives.

  • Learn to consciously override the obstacles and gain momentum for the coming months and year/s 

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