Create Your Personal Magic Map

This weekend as Mercury enters Virgo, it's a day to circle on your calendar! Today, be "luckier than a Leprechaun". Plan and dream BIG, especially as you create your New Magic Map on the spectacular and fortuitious New Moon tomorrow, August 30th. This New Moon is one of the BEST New Moons, energetically, we've had all year, so make sure to use this energy wisely!
Using this energy intelligently includes being conscious of any limiting thoughts prior to making serious decisions. A good way to check in on your thoughts and dreams is to create a Magic Map. If you’ve done them before, it’s always great to update and if you’ve never done one, here’s what it takes: 

Pick a date in the distant future. For example December, 30th, 2020. Imagine it’s the end of the calendar year, 2020, and someone asks you to share all your wonderful 2020, experiences with them. It might look something like the imaginary one I’ve put together for you.

Imagine living from the end result having already happened. You’re looking back in your imagination on events that have already transpired.

Then, keep your Magic Map near you and read it regularly. It’s amazing how our written intentions are just brought into being, merely by having this clarity and vision.

Here’s an example of a Magic Map:

December 31, 2020: Purchase a second home
September 01, 2020:: Release date for Movie
May 2020 : Attend Cannes Film Festival
February 2020:  Attend the Oscars
December 2019: Complete work on new film
September 2019: Begin writing new film 

In case you’re wondering, that’s NOT my personal Magic Map, just one I made up to help guide you. You can be even more specific and have an accomplishment/ manifestation for each month. You can add your specific income desires, you personal desires for relationship, family, new job, new career, health, etc. you get the picture. The point is, with a Magic Map, you stay on track and with clear intentions, things happen with velocity.

Keep referring to your Magic Map as often as needed without wondering “how” any of this will come to pass. If you’ve ever had crazy miracles in your life, you’ll know you couldn’t have planned them had you tried!

If you're looking for guidance in bringing your Magic Map to fruition, consider working with me one on one in my MindPower Edge Program. Here's a complimentary link to check it out: 
I've got some openings beginning September! 

Wishing you all a wonderful and magical weekend! 
Love and Blessings,


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