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Ascend with the greatest sagacity from the earth to heaven, and then again descend to earth, and unite together the powers of things superior and things inferior. -  Tabula Smaragdina: The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus

Historians researchig the history of the Emerald Tablet agree that the Tablet may be one of the earliest of all surviving alchemical works. It's fascinating research and if you're unfamiliar with Hermes Trismegistus and the Emerald Tablet, it contains much wisdom. You may be familiar with “As above; so below. As within; so without. As with the universe; so with the soul.” ~ Hermes Trismegistus, one of the more famous quotes from the Tablet. We know, this refers to consciousness and reality.

This coming Wednesday, June 12th, I will be teaching a topic extremely important to me, namely, Accessing Higher Consciousness. We discuss the existence of various dimensions in our reality and begin with learning about third dimensionality, what it is, who it has affected and who is currently still affected by it. We will then move into distinguishing fourth and fifth dimensionality. This is nothing out of a science fiction novel. It is a study in consciousness and awareness. We’ve heard countless time, ‘consciousness creates reality” yet, what does this really mean? It is a study of applying "as above, so below"  "as within so without" 

A large number of the spiritual community have been referring to this work as the shift in consciousness and the paradigm shift and the New Earth and if you haven’t, you’ll be hearing more from me as the weeks and months go by however, I refer to this period as a new Episteme since we are only historically entering into this period. Time and history will name this period and perhaps the “New Earth” will stick. History books will let us know!  The  famous philosopher, linguist and historian, Michel Foucault worked with the concept of Epistemes.

Foucault taught that the history of science is not a single, linear trajectory towards more knowledge but rather perspectives, conversations, discoveries, and insights that disrupt the current cultural perspective. There are historically only three major Epistemes in over the last 800 years in western european culture.

In order to understand an Episteme, look at it like this: there is the conscious behavior of a culture and the unconscious behavior. The conscious rules of society are rules we know and understand consciously and make decisions according to. The unconscious levels that determine how we think, write, and behave are deeply embedded into our society and belief system. An example, in the Middle Ages what was considered scientific knowledge would be ridiculed by today’s scientists. However, at the time of those teachings and their knowledge, it was scientific fact.

The Episteme is the unconscious rule that governs serious scientific conversations in a certain society in a certain time. And this determines what does and does not get taken seriously by the scientific community. We are now entering into a new Episteme in the history of humanity. Remember, it is unconscious. Most of the time people are not even aware of this because it is a set of unconscious rules that govern our behavior.

You may wonder how the Episteme differs from the Paradigm:

A  paradigm is conscious. Scientists and researchers are conscious of this knowledge and behavior. An episteme is unconscious because the rules are so deeply ingrained in our thinking.

A paradigm happens in a specific field of study, ie. history, linguists, art, etc. where as the episteme encompasses all facets of culture, history and science. 

Paradigms do not live long. There could be several paradigm shifts in a century.  According to Foucault, epistemes happen very rarely. There have only been three epistemes in science in western culture in the past 800 years.Therefore when an episteme changes, its impact on science and society is huge.  It happens in every discipline at once. In this upcoming workshop we are going to explore the episteme in terms of dimensionality, the mind, awareness and then we will  practice taking our conscious awareness to other areas and dimensions. Participants will have immediate feedback and most people usually have immediate results.

If you are in the New York Tri State area this coming Wednesday, come and join me at Maha Rose in Brooklyn to experience first hand what living in another dimension, while on this plane, begins to look like. The link for the workshop:

As always I’m available for sessions and consulting.

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June 12th: 7pm-9pm : Accessing Higher Consciousness Through Intuitive Living 

Maha Rose: Brooklyn, New York 

July Wednesdays, July 10th, July 17th, July 24th, July 31st- Psychic Workshop 
Maha Rose: Brooklyn, New York 

July 26th-28th -- Create Your Dream Life through the Wisdom of your Dreams
 The summer retreat will happen in Hurley, New York, near Woodstock. It’s a very beautiful and special place and I’m excited to be offering Create Your Dream Life through the Wisdom of your Dreams Retreat.

Elly 911 - I had an urgent matter this week with someone on my leadership team that centered around us letting this particular person go. Within a few minutes, Elly responded back with a few sentences. She provides an analogy of a tenant ready to move out of an apartment. The tenant knows they need to move out and leave the unit the way it was but they can't move out before the lease is up and certainty not without following the move out process with the landlord. When I applied that analogy against what I was dealing with it shifted the situation immediately providing a new lens upon which to view the problem. I had clarity and a path forward to correct the situation and start the conversation and communication with the person directly. It involved me ,the CEO, taking full responsibility over how things have gone and how things have not gone in a way that I had not gotten. It allowed a sense of empowerment to take place not just for me but for the person I was about to let go. I got all of this from the few sentences Elly shared. Without this analogy I would have most likely let this person go leaving a big gap in my organization and worse without a new context to address problems. This all happened within 10 minutes and by the next day it provided a space for my leader to share exactly what was going on in a way that empowered. -  New York Ciy- June, 2019

Before working with Elly I was feeling uninspired by my work and unclear of the direction I wanted to take my business in. While working with Elly I learned so much! I learned how to redirect my thoughts so that they support my growth and creativity instead of feeling overwhelmed and uninspired. I learned how to slow down, to acknowledge each step in growing a business while balancing raising children and having a loving and supportive relationship. I also learned to celebrate my accomplishments, which is something I rarely did. Overall, since working with Elly my life continues to evolve beautifully, my business is changing, I am getting certifications in healing that I only dreamt of, and I am present and grateful for my kids and my relationship. - Los Angeles, May, 2019

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