Jupiter Trine Neptune ~Twin Flame Connections

If you woke up feeling happy the past few days, you’re possibly experiencing the Jupiter trine Neptune conjunction happening for us. Astrologers call this the “big one” of the year as its effects bring us a sort of magical and mystical love transcending the material, physical, 3-dimensional plane. Channelers, spiritualists, astrologers, that work with Twin Flame energies and soul mate energies have felt this is the time for these souls to meet and embark on their journey together, for the ultimate benefit of humanity.

My dear friend, who is an expert in this field, shared that twin flames are coming together now to heal the planet and enable many lightworkers to join together in a super powerful force bringing light, love, and healing to the planet while guiding in the ascension to the higher dimensionalities and living life from the states of love, peace, bliss, joy, gratitude, and effervescence. How wonderful this is! This is part of the transcendence and this beautiful conjunction happened this Sunday on August 19th.

If you’re single and looking for a partner, this is the time to prepare and do the work on the higher levels. It takes more than “a wish list of what I want in a partner”, a vision board, and prayers and affirmations. It takes a state change and learning to live, think, create, and be, from a new way of thinking and being. It takes entering into the higher frequencies of conscious awareness and living ongoingly from that space.

The Jupiter trine Neptune conjunction will also have us understand love from a new perspective. We are no longer talking about  basic physical and chemical attractions to a person. This conjunction has us rise higher, go deeper, connect on soul levels and higher dimensional levels. This conjunction will have you seek to bring depth, mystical, esoteric love into your existing relationships as well. It’s an excellent time to work with a mentor, a spiritual guide and teacher.

Again, this conjunction will demonstrate the gulf now beginning to grow between relationships in the 3 dimensional limitation and understanding and relationships that are transcending, evolving, seeking higher consciousness, to make a difference for not only themselves, but humanity and the planet as well. These higher dimensional love relationships are absolutely necessary at a time where the “old world” ( as I like to call it) is struggling in chaos, fear, collapsing financial institutions in some countries, collapsing infrastructures in major cities around the world, pollution, wildfires,  and environmental disregard for our planet and all living creatures on it. This new level of love will anchor the light and love all over the globe for the ascension into the "new world".

If you’re still arguing about who takes out the trash in your relationship, please schedule a call with me, and let’s get you upleveled. You and I both know, it’s never about the trash!

I am currently residing on the east coast and have very limited availability this week. As ofAugust 27th may calendar is open again and I’d love to connect with you and work with you in areas where you might be struggling.

Enjoy your week and the beautiful conjunction. Remind yourself to create and bring love and gratitude to each of your days!
I look forward to connecting with you!

Love and blessings,


Elly Molina

International concierge advisor & intuitive mentor