Trust Your Intuition

We’ve finally got some planetary action happening this week. Mercury enters Cancer, translating into more emotional and sensitive conversations, so careful with how you approach things. Be sensitive to your audience and with whom you’re communicating. Consider other people’s feelings in your communicative delivery these next few days.  Then on June 13th, we’ve got a New Moon in Gemini. This New Moon is all about communication, providing us with a fabulous opportunity to practice, refine, polish, and educate ourselves regarding intention of our communication and delivery. Think about this: Werner Ehrhardt once said, The reaction you got was the communication you intended.”  True indeed. Just think about it next time someone “reacts” to what you have said! Whether you believe it or not, you unconsiously wanted and created the reaction you got! 

Venus enters Leo on June 13 and remains in Leo until July 9th. What a fabulous time to show how generous, warm hearted, expressive and loving you are! Allow yourself to acknowledge, validate, and appreciate yourself and others. Everyone loves being adored in one way or another. Be generous with your affections and your kindness only be real. People know when you’re not genuine or real. Our bodies have a built in BS detector and while we may not believe we have it, or fall under the influence of other people’s “kind words”, we all know intuitively when it’s not real. Honor yourself by honoring your intuition.
If you’re still not trusting your intuition, here’s a simple exercise: Remember back to an experience you had when you somehow “knew” it was not good for you to do something or get involved with someone? Remember that feeling? Later, when things didn't work out, you looked back and KNEW all along. Well, that’s the feeling you want to work with when making decisions and choices. You want to practice trusting the feelings and sensations you have, even if you don’t understand why or they make no sense at the moment. I’ve got techniques outlined in my book, Children Who Know How to Know, which is NOT a children’s book, as many people believe. It’s a resource guide for working with you own and other’s intuitive development. The book is available at Amazon, right here:

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