Jupiter Retrogrades on March 8th 2018

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0n Feb.17th, 1600, Giordano Bruno,hung upside down naked, tongue and mouth imprisoned by an iron muzzle to prevent “his wicked words” from escaping, prior to being burned alive at the stake in the Campo di  Fiori. Bruno’s wicked words described a universe, infinite, not capable of comprehension, endless, limitless, and of cosmic pluralism.

Today, nearly 420 years later, people’s lives, careers, livelihood, and reputions are destroyed by others who believe in “wicked words” that can potentially disrupt or threaten what we deem and believe we know about life and the world.

When we think about what we believe we know about the world and our universe, you’ll often still hear people saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”  Consider the size of our world. Now imagine what our Earth looks like from space. Then keep looking at the speck we call Earth from the Cosmos. Now, come back and measure the space between your eyes. It is approximately 4 inches. Now, measure the space between your ears; approximately 6 inches. You think, you can really get the entire picture of life, the world and dimensionality from your reference point?

Astrologers looked to the Cosmos for life’s answers. Planets became anthropomorphic. Jupiter, our largest planet, was named after Jove, King of the Gods. As King, Jupiter bestows his blessings and luck upon us, until he goes Retrograde into the darker shadows of Scorpio. Jupiter retrogrades till July, 10th, 2018. During this time, as Jupiter retrogrades, your beliefs about the world, the cosmos, your life, your perceptions, your assumptions, will be challenged. And, while, mainstream consciousness may believe we need to be iron clad muzzled during this time, I see it as a time of liberation from existing, out dated attitudes and suppositions.

If you’ve got limiting beliefs about yourself and the world, Jupiter’s retrograde challenges you to release them. Holding onto old, antiquated beliefs is hard, stifling, and exhausting. Our bodies require more energy to stay small, safe and constricted than when we imagine a greater, vibrant, and expansive world, where we shrink in order to make ourselves feel better in others’ company.

For the next few months, think of yourself as an expanding, truth seeking, truth asserting seeker and leader. Play full out. Get on the court if that’s where you want to be. Expand your imagination just as the Astrologers did while looking up to the Cosmos hundreds of years before us.

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I look forward to co creating with you.

Wishing you all a blessed and wonderful weekend!

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