Reasons to turn your unwanted jewelry into cash


A few years ago I did Psychometry (using an object to ascertain information from the past, present, and future through physical contact with that object.) in a Tacoma, Wa. banquet room. Each guest sealed a personal object in an unmarked, white envelope and passed it up to the front. I then answered psychic questions and provided information while holding the object. One time I held a ring and felt sick to my stomach. Images of heartache, heartbreak, and emotional suffering flashed before me followed by sorrow, tears, and death! I thought, "Why are you still wearing?"

Much of the metaphysical world teaches that items carry frequency. The jewelry and items, including homes, gardens, objects, carry the frequency of the previous experiences or owner. You’ve surely experienced walking into someone’s home and “feeling” or “sensing” the energy. We often choose adjectives such as heavy, dark, light, joyous, to describe our impressions.  

Our jewelry holds frequencies of our emotional experiences and memories. The items carry emotions, history or a story of our lives at that time.

The next time you wear a piece of jewelry, think about the emotions associated with it & the experiences you’ve had while wearing it.  Are these the emotions you wish to carry with you in your auric, energy field? If yes, awesome! If not, here are a few things you can do with your jewelry:

1: Turn unwanted or sorrowful jewelry into cash when the time is right.

2: Clean in saltwater and pay attention to how “attached” you are to the piece. You want to make sure that what you’re wearing is in alignment to your current energy. You want to maintain a vibration of wellness for yourself and your body.

3: Use Holy Water to wash or wipe your pieces.

4. Sprinkle or spray flower essences, aromatherapy sprays onto the jewelry

5. Infuse the jewelry with reiki.

So, if you’ve had an unpleasant experience while wearing your favorite jewelry, clean it off immediately. Remove the energy from the day’s experience and polish it up. Give your favorite pieces an energized, alchemical, energy facelift using one or more of the above techniques!

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