The Magic of the White Light Blessing

Many years ago, back in New York, I was trained by an Israeli/ Moroccan Chazah (Seer). She taught me to read coffee grinds and perform white magic or sympathetic magic. The recipes dated back to biblical times and were orally passed from one Seer to another. During the ‘80’s a black unmarked car would pick her up and drive her to Washington DC. She never revealed who she worked for, that was left to my imagination. On rare occasions I practice what she has taught me. Given the intense planetary happenings, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, flooding, I am going to offer the White Light Blessing on September 19th, the eve before Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year and on September 20th only. 

This September 19th, on the eve before Rosh Hashanah and on September 20th, I will perform the White Light Blessing on the New Moon in Virgo. Pluto, the planet of power and money will support the Sun and the New Moon on this day. I will work with the White Light Energy of the highest energetic consciousness and the deep, reverent, energies of our sacred planet. The "White Light Energy" is beneficial to any dream, wish or goal you have. You vibrate at your unique energetic frequency. No one has your energetic signature. It's like your fingerprint. On this important day, use the "White Light Blessing" to release the old and create the new.

What is the “White Light Energy”? I use the symbolic solder and energy to create a unique figurine with your signature energy. This process taps into source energy and helps quicken results and creates a magic known by the ancients.  I worked with a client who needed to rent out units in his property. We worked together with the “White Light Blessing” and within two hours, renters appeared and rented!

This offer is only available on these two select dates and it’s not for everyone. It’s a frequency!  I offer this special service for $100.00 and will extend it to the first 9 people who schedule themselves for Sept. 19th or Sept. 20th. Once the slots have been filled, please do not schedule yourself for this offer on any other day. (The calendar doesn’t do what I want it to!)

You will receive your personal, energized figurine with instructions regarding what to do with it, depending on the energy that has been released. Each person and their figurine is unique and requires specialized instruction. This offer comes with a reading relating to the experience. The entire process will take about 30 min.

There are 5 openings for the 19th and 7 for the 20th. If you wish to be included in the 5 spots, please email me back ASAP, with a. Yes, I’m in. This is on a first come basis or schedule directly here:

Please note THIS ENERGETIC WORK is available ONLY ON SEPT 19th and SEPT. 20th, 2017

I look forward to creating the Magic of the White Light Blessing with you!

Love and blessings,


Elly Molina

International concierge advisor & intuitive mentor