Honoring our Selves

As a kid, I used to belong to the Girl Scouts Troop # 3 . We marched in the Memorial Day Parade each year for as many years as I stayed in the Troop, and back then most of us put a lot of years into Girl Scouting. Memorial Day was a day of honor and respect for men and women who died while fighting in the Armed Services of the United States. It was a solemn and revered day. Stores used to be closed and we honored Memorial Day.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot of about honor and what it means to honor ourselves, others, our ideals, beliefs, and our word. When we honor ourselves, we respect ourselves and follow through with our word, to ourselves and others. Back in the day, giving your Word carried meaning and importance. It bonded people. Much has changed since then. We now sign lengthy contracts because our words no longer carry the importance and significance they once did. A person’s honor was his/her word.

With self awareness, we can restore this empowered way of being for ourselves. We can honor our own word to our Self first. If we tell ourselves, “I’m going to do this… I’m going to do that…” and then we follow through with our actions, we have empowered ourselves and the energy will manifest itself to those around us. It begins with us. When we honor ourselves we begin to grow as human beings. It’s a powerful and an empowering place to stand from.

What I’ve learned through my program Power and Contribution is that participants have learned to honor themselves and their word. They’ve become empowered and in return empower others. I recently received the following testimonial:  Elly is the Mentor's mentor!

I was lost and in a dark space trying to launch 2 companies and find my personal harmony. I began receiving Elly's Astro-Psychic Program( Power and Contribution)  sessions. She helped put a foundation underneath me and recognize the beacon of my own lighthouse. The support & homework kept me on track and guided me forward. I am focused, grounded and happy! This is apparent in the decisions I make and the results I am now receiving. Thank you! Thank you Elly!

I’ve seen incredible results happen for participants when they honor their word and see how deeply they can respect, love, and honor themselves. Doors open. There is no “stuck”. There is no “story.” There is no “victimization”.

I’ve added some powerful exercises in neuroscience to the program and if you’re interested in making lasting and serious changes; changes that empower you and lead you to contribute and grow, I’d like you to look at my program Power and Contribution.Together, with structured guidance from the psychic realm, astrological realm, and consulting, you. too can bring about a real paradigm change in your behavior. It will take dedication and it will take honoring your word to yourself. To learn more about my program, please check it out here: http://www.ellymolina.com/powerandcontribution and contact me if you’d like to begin.

We all know what to do and yet, knowing makes no difference. We all know how to lose weight, how to make those important changes we tell ourselves we will, and yet, we don’t always hold ourselves accountable for these changes. In working together with me, we can create the accountability and we can hold you to YOUR WORD! 

Next weekend is the International Remote Viewers Conference. I will be presenting. Here is the link and please join us for a fascinating view on life: http://www.irvaconference.org/
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Love and blessings,

Elly Molina

International concierge advisor & intuitive mentor