How Long Would You Be Able To Hold The Vision?

  Have you heard of Mel Fisher? Mel Fisher had a dream to find the Spanish treasure ship, the Anocha. Each day his motto was, “Today’s the Day.” His dream cost him more than 15 years of his life; it cost him the lives of his loved ones; it cost him everything and more than he had. He pulled courage from the depths of his being. He lost family members, loved ones, money, his friends, his credibility, and more than we might even imagine, to pursue his dream of discovering a treasure ship.

On July, 20, 1985, after nearly 16 years, Mel found his treasure. It was the largest treasure ever discovered since the opening of King Tut’s tomb in the 1930’s. Mel and his crew contributed to the cultural heritage of our world and gave us the gift of teaching us the enormous price of what it takes to have a dream come true. Do you have any inkling what it takes to hold on to a dream for 16 years, when everything around you falls apart? There are very few people we hear of who can do this.

Today, I am honored to share the story of a powerful, uniquely talented film maker, director, poet, educator, author and heroine of her own life, Manoshi Chitra Neogy. Manoshi’s dream is to bring her powerful prose, “Bloodwords” to the screen. After 14 years of publisher’s rejections, Manoshi Chitra Neogy, knows the feeling of success and what it takes. And like Mel, she knows how it feels  to dedicate your life to a mission, a cause, and give up a life that could have been, for a life of service and creation. Manoshi’s powerful novel, “Bloodwords/A Warrior Walk” will be released this October through International Publications Media Group. She is an artist whose work was years ahead of its time. Only now, are there enough people among us, who can and do grasp the profound message of her work.

“Blood Words / A warrior Walk is like an epic poem. It is the book which leads to the film of the same title, the script of which has already been written. It is about a woman of the elements; she encompasses everything in us and represents our most basic selves. She is complex and simple and is ready to live love and learn at every moment. She is the lives and cries of two separate beings in one. One bound in social structures and set moulds, and the other following her inner guide and her intuitive eye. Blood Words reflects a notion of space and time as perceived through the eyes of a young Indian woman. Through her the nature of dualities inherent in each one of us is explored and interweaves the struggles and textures of two cultures experienced and lived in one individual.”

Chitra and I met over two years ago when we had our first session. I distinctly remember saying, “This is not a dream. This is a vision you will fulfill on.” I am so honored and happy for her. Chitra’s book will inspire you to your greatness. It is prolific prose. It is a masterpiece and I am honored to have been able to read it while in draft.

Chitra had opportunities for a different life. She chose the Warrior’s Walk to empower all women, men, and future generations. Her personal journey and her work inspires and teaches us to hold on to our dreams, walk our walk, and stay true to our Soul’s and heart’s desires. I am so honored to work with such a gifted, talented, and generous person.

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Each week I will continue to honor and share the successful members of our tribe. I am deeply grateful to be able to serve and help guide so many of you throughout the years.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and may you hold onto your dreams till they become your next reality.

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