We’ve Got Stellar Days Happening Now

Happy Labor Day and Back to School!  We’ve got stellar days happening this week. Here’s a lineup of what’s happening: Sept 6th the Sun trines Pluto making this a great day to ask for support in projects you’re involved in. Sept 7th, when Venus sextiles Saturn, the day is perfectly set up for love, both romantic, and platonic, so spread some love energy to yourself and those that need it.

September 9th, is the day to circle on your calendar!  Many of us have been waiting for this grand day. Jupiter, the benefactor of love, happiness, luck, gifts, lucky charms, enters Libra. I’ve been talking about this auspicious placement for quite some time. Each year Jupiter blesses a particular sign of the zodiac and remains for one year. It takes 12 years for Jupiter to orbit the Sun. It you are a Libra, this year is YOUR year! If you have planets in your natal chart that are located in Libra, trine, sextile, or conjunct in Libra, you will benefit from this placement as well.

Jupiter loves Libra. It exalts here. If you would like more information about how Jupiter’s placement will affect you this coming year from now till Sept. 2017, please schedule an astrological transit session with me here. 

You may be feeling the desire to clean out closets, wardrobes, change up your beauty routines, or style. You may be feeling the need to work out and start a new workout regime. This is Jupiter in Libra affecting us.

Having Jupiter bless us will still require our participation in this blessing. Do you create your day each and every morning? Do you set an intention for yourself and limit your daily distractions? Do you know what distracts you? During an intuitive/psychic session we are able to look at habitual ways of thinking and being that may be taking your energy and thwarting you from your life’s purpose. Don’t think you know your life’s purpose? I believe we all have one. We can explore that during one of our sessions, too.

Happy Jupiter in Libra. I’ve got some exciting success stories lined up for the next few Thursdays. If you are inspired by any of these stories, I encourage you to contact me and work with me to get your successes to the next level. We are an amazing tribe and I am so honored to be working with you.

I look forward to working with you through one of my programs!
Here’s to your continued and future success!
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