Delicious New Moon Jupiter Conjunction Happening This Month

You're in for a deliciously sweet New Moon Jupiter conjunction tomorrow, Sept. 30th. The New Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Libra. What will this mean for you? In general, we can all expect something uniquely pleasant to transpire and it's a feel good, optimistic, faith invoking conjunction.

In 1987 ( yep, a bunch of you were in diapers or not even born), I started doing New Moon Wish List Rituals in my classes. The purpose of the exercise taught students how their thoughts created their reality and that dreams, hopes, and wishes come true. I would incorporate the New Moon Wish list into their journal activities. Then I would have them fold the page into a triangle, mark the date on the outer page and the contents would be hidden. At the three month marker, we'd go back and look at their wish lists. Can you imagine their surprise when they saw how many of their wishes and dreams came true? Those are experiences indelibly imprinted into their lives and all through a simple and fun, monthly journal activity. The kids were so excited for the New Moon Wish List activity. It became a ritual for many years in my classes.

I still follow this ritual and love looking back on past New Moon Journal entries, checking off all the wishes and dreams that have come true.

Tomorrow, with Jupiter and the New Moon in conjunction, it's a magic charm day. Use it to record your wishes and come back in a few months and see what's transpired. You may be quite surprised.

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May this weekend be magical and may you feel the love and blessings of Jupiter and the New Moon in your life.


Elly Molina

International concierge advisor & intuitive mentor