The Week Ahead: Pluto Direct

Curious about why the image is a beach scene? Have you ever dreamt of a spot like this for your vacation, yet haven't gone? Read on.

This week Pluto goes direct on September 26th, 2016. Pluto is the planet of time and represents our connection to time and to the unique epoch in which you were born. Mars enters Capricorn on September 27th, and for the next few weeks, you’ll find yourself more determined than ever to make some long needed and necessary changes. The Martian energy, blended with Pluto’s direct motion, turns cleaning out the old and making changes a must and no longer a want. You’ll feel this quite powerfully on Friday, September 30th, with the new moon in Libra . It's a day to and create new and balanced plans and relook at old dreams while cleaning out and discarding the old ( and this includes dreams, too)

So, let’s take a step back and look at what Pluto direct means for you. You might want to do a quick assessment of where you are in your life in relation to the dreams you say you want fulfilled. 90 days ago I wrote about Mars going direct and I shared that if you put your desires into action and took advantage of this amazing energy, things in your life would change with momentum.

What major changes have happened in your life since June 30th, 2016? Write them down. Be honest with yourself. Have you had any major life changes since the two powerful March eclipses? Be honest here.

If you’ve had the same dream for more than 2 years and nothing has happened for you, it’s time to shake up your world. Dreams are meant to be fulfilled on and new dreams come in. The Universe expands and so do we. We are meant to grow, to expand, to create, and to contribute. Take an honest inventory of your life. How have you grown, expanded, created, and contributed over the past few months?

If you’ve been stuck in the same old and haven’t done anything or much about it, Pluto will have you look hard at this. So will Mars.

In my astro-psychic consulting program, participants have had major changes in their lives and all within 4 sessions. They’ve started businesses, began new careers, are creating new relationships, relocating, and just switching up life while contributing and creating. Would you like some of that for yourself?

I would love to work with you one on one and help you achieve results you say you want. If you’ve been dreaming the same dream for too long, it’s seriously time to change your thinking patterns, your thoughts, your actions, and your beliefs.

The astro-psychic consulting program works with you, your planets, your belief systems, and puts all this together to create a new map for accelerated growth.

Within four sessions, you’ll see results and if it’s something you truly want, like you say you do, it’s going to be worth the $450.00 investment in yourself. Give it a whirl. You’ll only have a win-win, and if money is an obstacle, that’s another conversation worth looking at.

I look forward to working with you, providing you with insight, and assisting you with your contributions to the planet and others.

Have a fabulous New Moon! New Moon Blessings are available again. You can schedule yours on the site.

Much love and many blessings,


Elly Molina

International concierge advisor & intuitive mentor