Success Story and Back to School on the New Moon & Solar Eclipse

Today is the Solar Eclipse in the sign of Virgo, affecting people born with personal planets in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, it’s a new moon AND it’s  “back to school” time.

This universally exciting energy is a time of new beginnings to learn, to discover, and to explore. Our souls crave learning, discovering and exploring. Both children and parents experience excitement during back to school time. It’s the soul’s calling out for the new experiences.

Today the success story highlights a talented, young, author and educator in our tribe. She’s from the Pacific Northwest and her story is similar to many other people who have had to wander the jungles of their minds and follow through with bold thoughts and what happens when taking action on these thoughts.

During our psychic and astrological sessions, with her dream defined and goals set, she was able to move into the direction of the dream and have it become concrete in the physical form.

Congratulations to this talented young woman who teaches at the Hugo House in Seattle, is presenting at Bumbershoot, Seattle’s Music & Art’s Festival, and the winner and recipient of the 2016 Pleiades Press Editor's Prize!!  Her poetry book, A Lesser Love will be published in September 2017! We send out a huge shout of congratulations and best wishes for your continued success and know that you are and will continue to be a major influencer with people in the days to come. I am honored to know you and work with you!

To learn more about this wonderfully talented young woman you can visit her here at: 

During my sessions, I psychically and astrologically help define the dream. We all awaken with bold ideas that are but whispers in our minds. The magic happens when we take action on these whispers from our soul and break through our identities and the habits that lock us into the known. When we work together we can define the dreams, that are but vapors, break the habits holding us back, and those fleeting thoughts, whims, fancies, and dreams, become your next reality.

Now, with the excitement of Back to School time, with this powerful eclipse, and the new moon, today is the day to schedule your session and try on a 4 session astro-psychic consulting program with me. Use the excitement of the planets and your soul to break your habits, launch your creative visions, and begin a new course of action.

I am excited to work with you!

Have a powerful day!

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