All quiet this weekend

Andrea Wicklund

Andrea Wicklund

There's not much planetary action this weekend. It will be pretty quiet, most of the drama has subsided and tempers may cool a bit for the weekend when Venus enters Virgo on August 5th. In this placement you may find yourself nitpicking, getting annoyed with loved ones, or looking for perfection. If you're looking for perfection, stop right there! There is no perfection and we all know, looking for perfection, is just another form of procrastination and procrastination can lead to paralysis when working on projects.

So here's a tip this weekend about how to deal with perfection and procrastination. You do it! Set a date and do it. Get out of your own way, and start the task whether you feel like it or not.

If you live in Washington State I will be conducting a few workshops in the coming weeks at Stargazers Books in Bellevue. The first workshop is on August 12th : Interpreting Your Dreams on Friday 6:30-8:30 pm. Edgar Cayce said, "Dreams are our main channel of communication with the God Force" Interested in learning the mechanics of dreaming? Learn how and why we dream and the importance of it in our lives. In this two hour session you will leave knowing how to remember your dreams and how to use your dreams for prophecy and understanding the messages your subconscious is looking to deliver to your conscious mind.

Then, on August 27th, I'll be doing another workshop called Tap Into Your Intuitive and Psychic Powers. You can learn more at:

As always, I am available for quick check ins, readings, coaching, and astro-psychic consulting. In the astro-psychic consulting sessions, you'll learn more about the ins and outs of bringing dreams to fruition and creating the life by design which you say you truly want. This program is for those people who are genuinely and truly ready for what they say they want. Often times we say we want something, only we're not willing to take the necessary actions, make the commitments, and change up our lives, to have the results we say we want. If you don't have the life you say you want, contact me and let's see how and if this program is a fit for you.

Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the summer weather and I look forward to hearing your success stories!

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