Waking Up To The Time Of Your Life

Here’s a quick overview preparing you for the onset of one of the most illustrious calendar months of 2016. Jupiter goes into Libra, heralding the time of your life for 2016.

It doesn’t matter what your birthday or birth sign is, we are all going to benefit for the next 12 months from the spectacular placement of Jupiter in Libra. On September 1st, we have new moon in Virgo and an Annular Solar Eclipse.  Astrologically, the beauty and benefit of this, all those dreams and wishes, desires, hopes, all that work in the manifesting realm, are ripe for picking. You are going to witness amazing personal successes, if you are prepared and have your belief systems working with you and not against you. If you’d like to learn more about subconscious beliefs that may be holding you back from this auspicious astrological time, please schedule the 4 sessions, astro-psychic consulting with me. We will unlock these blocks and prepare you for amazing experiences.

On Sept. 9th, Jupiter enters Libra. This is where you’ll experience “the time of your life”  (sing along with me here). Jupiter and Libra love each other. Jupiter is the planet of luck, happiness, abundance, good fortune, your lucky charm, and it’s well aspected in Libra. You'll be amazed at all the beautiful people, places, events you’ll be attracting in the next few months. Just stay on top of it, and remind yourself, you’re carrying a lucky charm for the next 12 months. Like all lucky charms, they need to be stroked to work!

We are still in a Mercury Retrograde, only I’m predicating you won’t feel this one as badly as in the past, because of the other planets’ influence this time around. You’ve got a few days now to set clear intentions for where you want to be heading the next 12 months. Now is the time to get to work on this. The clearer your intentions, the faster you’ll travel towards them. We’ve got Mars direct, the wind is in your sail and favor, and the stars are aligned for you to create the next 12 months where you can look back, and KNOW the date this all began.

If you’d like to learn more about how Jupiter affects you personally over the next 12 months, schedule an astrological transit session with me.

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