Changes in Planetary Energy

You'll surely sense or feel the shift in energy this weekend as Saturn, the planet of responsibility, lessons, practicality, and just plain "doing the right thing" goes direct on August 13th. This planet, observed and recorded by ancient Babylonian astronomers, was named Khronos by the Greeks, and later renamed by the Romans and known to us today as Saturn. He is often depicted in mythology as an old man with a long gray beard. Saturn rules with a heavy hand.

Saturn in Sagittarius will look to curb recklessness, and we will have to wait it out until 2017, to see how strong Saturn's influence in Sagittarius is. Sagittarius is often compared to a misbehaved or incorrigible child. Saturn will look to reign in his influence over this behavior. We will see how this affects us directly, depending upon our own placement of Saturn in our natal charts.

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Wishing you all a wonderful weekend as we draw closer to the full moon and the upcoming Mercury Retrograde. Start getting your paperwork, legal stuff, finances, and electronics in order. Whether you believe in the retrograde or not, sometimes things just go a bit awry during this time.

Enjoy these August days and have a fun filled weekend.

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