What You Need to Know About This Week!

What a dynamic week awaits us. Remember I spoke about the powerful energy of Mars a few weeks ago? Mars went direct on June 29th and we are still feeling it's super powers pushing and driving us towards our dreams and goals. Depending on which zodiac sign or astrological sign Mars enters, determines the zest and energy Mars exhibits. This week Mars enters Sagittarius. We will see and feel the urge for a bit of playful and fun action. We will also witness the Archer's ( Sagittarius) frankness and direct boldness much more in our activities. We may see a lot of direct, frank, even more outlandish behavior happening regarding the candidates and elections in the next few weeks (not the best place right now to be hosting Mars.) You may feel the need for adventure and even spontaneous risk taking may be on the agenda. Best not to fight this energy. Use it to create with purpose. Make this energy work for you. Do not be a victim of its agenda.

The New Moon in Leo on August 2nd will be an excellent and powerful time to bring new ideas into place. We've learned the power of the New Moon and creating our Wish List. Now, it's time to witness the power of the New Moon in Leo! Leo's do not fool around when it comes to their careers and creating their dreams! Take advantage of this energy.

If you're new to my newsletter, here's a quick refresher about the New Moon. New Moon's are the time to create. Start with a short list of 10 things you wish to bring into fruition in the near future. Write them down in the present tense. Read your list throughout the month, and watch what happens.

There is a lot of bold action happening this week. Make sure to check your "excusitis" thermometer. Put that thing away and get to work. You want to be on the court this week and not in the grandstand. This week is not conducive to indecision, inaction, excuses, or procrastination. Make a decision. Any decision is better than none, especially this week. Get into action around things you've been thinking about. If there is something you wanted to do, or buy, or a job you've wanted to apply for, etc. NOW is the time to do it. The forces of nature are working with you. Even if you don't see immediate results, know that if you're working with planetary timing, you're dreams will happen faster and with more ease than usually. Speaking of working with planetary timing, here is where my astrological-psychic consulting program is so powerful. We may all be guided by the general placement of the planet, only knowing which of the houses your personal Mars is in at the moment, and what that means for you and your hopes, dreams, desires, and goals, is powerful knowledge. Feeling empowered and confident is such a wonderful feeling. I suggest you wear that outfit all the time! You can absolutely have this feeling and the results it brings when you work with me in my Astro-Psychic Consulting program. You can have 4 sessions for $450.00 and amaze yourself. Check it out here:

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