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Ever have one of those days where no matter what you did you just felt out of sorts? It wasn't as if you had any special problems you could pinpoint or attribute this feeling to. Well, you may be interested in knowing, that it's not you. We are all tapping into a collective consciousness, whether we believe it or not. Research using random numbers generators, shows how major events affect a global consciousness linking us with each other and the earth. It's fascinating research and a bit too lengthy to go into here. Bottom line, whether you believe you are tapping into other people's emotions or not, you are. So, next time you're feeling inexplicably unhappy, sad, or down, remember, you're being an empath. Physically change what you're doing. Become conscious that it's not you alone being down and sad, and then DO something different. Take a walk, dance, sing, exercise, basically, change your physiology allowing you to unplug from the collective consciousness affecting you. Also, these past few days and again in August, around the 13th, 2016, we will experience what Greek astronomers called the elemental triplicity. This is when Jupiter and Saturn align, which happens every 20 years, and it completes a 240 year cycle right now. We are currently experiencing the elemental triplicity. During this time, we see huge shifts, sometimes floods ( look at what is happening in China and Pakistan now) and last week, while the collective conscious energy took a dive, we experienced the alignment.

I had an interesting occurrence happen at the time of this writing. Many of you know I read for California Psychics. I have had thousands of callers over the course of the years I've been with them. Last night, I thought of someone I hadn't spoken to in a while. I was concerned about her and had a message to deliver. We are not allowed to contact callers, and I personally don't solicit by saying, "I have a message for you." Imagine my astonishment when the phone rang at California Psychics this morning and Angela said, " I heard a message last night telling me to call you, so I did!" I'm sure you've had this happen to you many times, too. Still, each time it happens, we seem amazed at the power of our connections to each other.

Speaking of collective consciousness, do an experiment this weekend. On July 9th experience the Jupiter bi quintile Uranus. This is a day of feeling good all around. Contribute to the feeling of happiness, generosity of spirit, and pay attention to the results of your behavior, thoughts, and emotions. Just BE happy that day and see if everyone else is happy around you, too.

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Towards the end of the week and over the weekend, you'll notice the energy beginning to shift to a happy, more productive, and outgoing place, as we get closer to Mercury entering Leo (chatty, outgoing, friendly) and Venus entering Leo ( passionate, fun loving, adventurous, social). So enjoy these next few days.

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Have a happy, fun filled, and enjoyable weekend with safe travels. I look forward to working with you and speaking with you soon.

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