What Are YOUR Blocks in Life?

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always wanted a set of genuine Adirondack chairs. Not plastic, real, genuine, hand-crafted Adirondack chairs. They symbolized a dream life of quiet days on a porch, looking out onto mountains, or strategically placed to view the coastal lapping waters. These two items represented my dream life.

For my 50th birthday, I was gifted me a set of Adirondack chairs. I was so touched. These chairs represented my dreams & have followed me to the mountains, and now to the waterfront. They've traveled across the country and through the state. Each morning, I go out and meditate in one of these chairs; sometimes with a blanket wrapped around me, and all the while, they serve as a daily reminder and anchor of my dreams, and the dreams still to come.

Dreams come and go. Do you have an anchor to your dreams and if so, what is your anchor? In a dream achievement session with me, I'll look at your natal chart and identify your strengths. Perhaps you were born to be a business person. Knowing this can put your mind at ease, when business is always a priority, no matter what. Perhaps you believe you were meant to be on the stage and in front of live audiences, and you're not living into that future, for many reasons. Your astrological chart reveals this, whether you believe it or not! Then, as I continue to look at your chart's progressions, we can see the blocks currently affecting you.

Sometimes, you may believe these blocks are your beliefs, your attitudes, your situation and circumstances, and guess what, sometimes your blocks are simply planetary, and as soon as one of the major, slow moving planets change houses or signs, the doors open and that long awaited relationship, the move, the job, the family, "magically" appear.

Do you really know what your blocks are? Sometimes we think we do and tell ourselves,"If I work harder, work longer, do this or that, then it will work." So we work harder, longer, do this and do that, and the results are still the same. In my Dream Empowerment Sessions (also known as Astro-Psychic Consulting) we get to the nitty gritty of your astrological chart, work with your strength and weaknesses, and create a plan to fulfill on your dreams.

I recently received this from someone I'm working with:

"I did my dancing meditation and you absolutely guided me to the most amazing source of inspiration and direction that I have!!!!! I used to do these in my apt via an acting / movement course I was in and not until you brought it up did I think to use it to manifest. It totally worked. I'm telling u. It helped me in my encounter w the date I had with the guy you said to give a chance to. You are channel for the divine Elly. You can use all of what I am saying ! Xoxo"

This is just after one session! Can you imagine the infinite possibilities that await you?

Today, think about switching out a latte or fast food meal for a few weeks and allow yourself the gift of Dream Empowerment Sessions. After the initial four sessions, you can always go back to your lattes from a more empowered and magical space. You'll look at life differently. You'll literally wake up with excitement and anticipation for what your day brings. This week, on July 29th Uranus will retrograde. During this time, you may find yourself more inclined to learning about Karma, your path in life, your destiny and where you are headed in your life. These major questions will surface for those who have not attained clear vision and direction. The retrograde will last till the end of December 2016.

If you're unclear where you're going in life at this time, these thoughts will be brought to the forefront of your thinking. Let's work together to achieve the most out of this time.

As always, I'm available for quick check ins, readings, coaching, and consulting (or Dream Empowerment Sessions!)

Have a fabulous weekend and I look forward to connecting with you again!

Love and blessings,


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Elly Molina

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