A Week of Summer Fun

What a fantastic way to end the month of July this week. We've got the Sun in Leo, urging us to get outdoors and enjoy its rays as long as possible, we've got Venus in Leo, asking us to beautify and luxuriate, and on July 26th, Mercury trines Uranus (Leo-Aries) giving us a unique edge in originality and creativity. What a special planetary week! We also have Uranus retrograde on Friday, and more on that in Thursday's newsletter.

Buddy Hackett, Brooklyn born comedian and entertainer once said, "As a child, my family's menu consisted of two choices: take it or leave it." This week, let's focus on choices.

I've learned it's not our circumstances that define our future, rather our moment to moment choices. Everything we are today and everything we have in our life up to this point, is the sum of the total choices, decisions, and actions we've taken. Often times our choices are hidden to us because they are habits and daily rituals. Habits gain in strength over time and give us our lives.

95% of everything we do in life is based on our habits. Now, that is something to ponder!! The habits of a successful person are very different from the habits of someone struggling to get by in life. The habits of a thin, healthy, athletic person are totally different from the habits of an overweight, unfit person.

We've just wrapped up the ½ way mark to 2016 and it's a fabulous time to look at your original intentions for 2016, and assess how you're doing. Have you attained some of your goals for 2016? Have you surpassed your 2016 outcomes? Are you in the process of attaining them and seeing progress towards them? Have you forgotten, given up, or neglected your goals and taken on someone else's agenda? (side note: when you're not focusing on your goals in life, often times you've taken on someone else's goals as your own)

This week, take a look at your life and do an assessment of where you are in terms of your outcomes. Where are you? Where do you want to be? Where you are going? I would love to work with you in empowering you to achieve your 2016 and beyond outcomes. I recently received thanks for a "Powerful session". Your feedback and success stories fuel me to empower others. If you're on the fence about investing in yourself to achieve your deepest, truest, most privately kept dreams and desires, think of it as trading a few lattes for a four session investment in yourself in my newest and very dynamic Astro-psychic Consulting Program. You may remember, I've been looking for a new name for my program. The winner will receive a 30 min session on me. Right now, here is an option I received: Dream Achievement Sessions. What do you think? I'm so excited about this program, and the results people are having. I'm just waiting for permission to share!

Have a fabulous last week of July, and as always, I'm here for quick check ins, readings, coaching, and astrological-psychic consulting.

Let me hear from you! I love your testimonials, feedback, and success stories.

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