Happy Birthday all you Leos!

This Friday, July 22nd, the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Leo. We'll see much more flamboyant and gregarious behavior around these next coming weeks. Leos tend to be a bit showy and enjoy getting out there, so whether you're a Leo or not, you'll be influenced by this gregarious and generous energy surrounding all of us.

This weekend we'll see a lot of focus on family and family fun activities. Get out there this weekend, and have some fun. It's in the atmosphere!

This week, I'd like to change my focus and reintroduce many of you to the other section of my website, called Psi-kids. Psi-kids is not just for kids. It's for the kid in all of us, who wishes to learn to develop, trust, and utilize his or her intuitive and psychic abilities. We are all psychic. We are all highly intuitive. We have learned not to believe in it. We have been taught through conversations, and religious and educational institutions that using it, accessing it, and having it is wrong and un God like. This is nonsense! This is about as nonsensical as the belief in a flat earth. There is nothing to fear from tapping into your own super powers and learning to utilize them. I've written a 7 chapter book on How to Access, Utilize, and Develop them, and am patiently waiting for publication (hurry publishing company :)

You can learn how to have fun with this. Visit my site and read up on how to do the remote views. Kids I've worked with have been doing these with uncanny accuracy because they're naturally in the alpha state, a brain wave state we only access when we meditate or space out.

Have some fun with my site today and start participating! It's free and you'll be amazed at how psychic you are!

Also, right now, with proper focus and intention, and some mentoring, the time is ripe for many of us, to use the powerful planetary energies out there to bring serious dreams to fruition. I've got amazing results coming in from participants through my astro-psychic accelerated consulting program. You'll be hearing more about it when I've got permission to share.

Live your dream life. Learn how. Work with me and learn to access a part of your mind and new dimensions, you've never believed or imagined existed. If you're tired of your same all, aren't you worth trading a few dinners out for the time of your life through an accelerated psychic-astrological consulting program? I believe you are. Wait till you see my upcoming offer to you! As always, I'm available for quick check ins, readings, coaching, and consulting. I may have limited availability this week, as I am moving into my new waterfront place this coming week. This is the closest I've ever lived to the water. It's been a lifelong dream of mine; hot tub, pool, sauna, and water views! Who says we can't have it all! If I can do it, you can, too! I would love to work with you and empower you to achieve your deepest, most heartfelt dreams, and desires.

Sending you all love, light, and blessings and best wishes for a fabulously created weekend!



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