Planetary Overview for the Weekend of July 16th

This week we had Mercury and Venus enter Leo. You may have felt the slight shift in energy. This Saturday the Sun squares Uranus while it trines Mars, causing a potential (and I say potential, because the stars incline, they do not compel) for arguments, or difficulties with people close to you. So the best way to work with this planetary energy is to be mindful of it and then take steps not to engage in mindless confrontations with others. Use the "happy" energy of Venus and Mercury in Leo to direct you this weekend.

Do you know your astrological sign and where some of your planets are? If not, it might be worth the effort to learn about this aspect of yourself and your life. Right now, if you are Sun Sign LIBRA, or have any planets in Libra, for example, your Ascendant, Moon, Mars, etc. you are in for the most amazing time of your life. With a sun sign in Libra, or well aspected planets in Libra, you are in for the best year of your life since 2002! That's going to be amazing and you'll want to make sure you ride this wave. It will be another 12 years before this big one comes again!

Do you know how powerful having astrological insight and awareness is for your future?

Most people think of astrology in terms of their Sun Sign and compatibility. I'm a Leo and he's a Sagittarius, so that's good. There's much more to astrology than compatibility of people's sun signs.There are personality traits making you uniquely you and there is timing!

We're slightly passed the mid year marker. We've got Mars direct, Neptune retrograde (showing us what's really happening). Look at your life right now. Take a really close look at it without judging yourself. Are you where you want to be financially, emotionally, romantically, spiritually? If yes, congratulations and keep on growing and asking the "right questions". If no, you may want to invest in yourself at this time of your life and create the best year ever beginning now and moving forward. With my Astro Psychic Accelerated Consulting Program, you can have and achieve the results of a lifetime. I'm excited to share with you, it works, whether you believe in it or not. You will see results if you're committed to receiving and experiencing the best life you can imagine for yourself. I'm so excited about this program. I'm seeing people's lives change in front of me. I love who they are and what they're up to and what they are creating for others and the world. I would love to empower you to take on being the lightworker you are meant to be. We need all this energy now for our collective consciousness, so that we can change what it happening around us with those people who are "sleeping" and being senselessly mind controlled. We need awareness right now and lightworkers. If you don't believe, turn on your tv , watch the news, for what it really is, and see what is happening to our country through controlled media. Pay Attention! It's vitally important right now.

Is this the reality you want to be a part of? If not, please consider working with me right now, to create your alternate future and one that will nurture us, other human beings, and our planet. You can learn more about my accelerated astro-psychic consulting program here:

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Have an amazing weekend! Stay alert, even while chasing Pokemons, and create your life! It's more important now than you may ever realize or know!

Love and blessings,



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