You Know, Vision Boards Really Work!

Have you ever created a vision board? Back in the 2000's, while teaching Middle School in NYC, I tacked up photos of Deepak Chopra, Michael Beckwith, Marianne Williamson, betwixt other faces and places and hung the board near my desk giving it the occasional, unconscious glance whenever my gaze landed there. Then, a few months later, something miraculous happened. Through a string of unrelated coincidences, The World Peace Organization extended an invitation for my students to attend a privately hosted event at the United Nations. We accepted and the students sat in a United Nations council meeting and personally met Arun Manilal Gandhi (grandson of Mahatma Gandhi). This experience led to my attending a national event in Washington DC. Can you guess the speaker lineup?

I arrived the evening before the event and went to dinner with a friend. We negotiated where to eat. She wanted PF Chang's and I wanted the local bar and grill. We ended up at the local place. Our dinner was over, and she said to me, "You're not going to believe who is walking in and going to sit at the table next to ours!" I turned to see, Deepak Chopra and Michael Beckwith, with his wife. "This is your opportunity", my friend said to me. Mustering all my courage I went to their table. We spoke, we laughed and I couldn't believe it! Later at the event I met and spoke with Marianne Williamson.

Last week while packing for my trip to NYC, I glanced at my vision board. On the bottom left corner, hung an image of a lighthouse, the beach, and the words FLY TO NYC. I marveled over the intense power of my vision board.I was flying to NYC , getting my family, and heading south to attend a family wedding right on the beach, near the Barnegat Lighthouse.

The reason for the vision board story: Having an updated and current vision board, reflecting where you are in life now, is one of the first steps in charting your course for a life by design. The vision board primes your subconscious. It plants seeds.

I've mentioned the importance and impact of the planet Mars going direct later this month. It's an auspicious time to really get started by taking directed actions to achieve your goals, dreams, and desires. On June 9th, I roll-out my new astrological, psychic, consulting program, specifically designed to empower you to achieve your legacy, bring your million dollar concepts to fruition, and reveal your visionary gifts to the world. This is a highly action, results oriented program using your personal astrological information, psychic information, and consulting and coaching skills from those I've either personally worked with and/ or learned from including: Werner Erhard, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Mary Morrissey, Allison Armstrong, to name just a few. Imagine uniting the power and insight of the psychic realm with your personal astrological charts! This provides you with a customized program, specifically and uniquely designed to empower you to achieve all you can be, do, have, and want.

A strong vision board is your first step towards achieving your dreams. Never underestimate its power. On June 9th, this week, I begin working with people who are serious about fulfilling their dreams, purpose, life missions, and even discovering, what their purpose and mission is. My program is outlined here:

This consulting program includes:

  1. Natal Chart
  2. 12 month transit chart from day your begin your program
  3. A total of 12 thirty minute coaching sessions. You can schedule yourself for as often as two calls a month, or just once a month.
  4. I will be using spiritual guidance (information coming forth as it does during a reading) combined with your personal planetary positions and traditional coaching methods, ie. action plans, intention setting, action steps corresponding to the planets and their influence and location in your chart, and Chaldean numerology.
  5. Each coaching session is 30 minutes

This program is designed to cost $1,800.00 and during my special offer, you will receive all this for one full payment of $1,299.00 or 3 payments of $450.00 or 6 payments of $250.00

Purchase Now!

Mars goes direct on June 29th. You'll be feeling the intensity of wanting to create and begin something new. You may feel restless, and antsy to begin a new life. This energy is perfect for working with me. We will use this powerful Martian energy to fill your sails, set your goals and destinations, and then sail smoothly to fulfillment. The program is ready to begin at the end of June. If you've wanted and waited for years for the relationship of your dreams, the home you've envisioned, or the career of your lifetime, this program may just be for you.

Please contact me with further questions and to learn how you might benefit from my personal, accelerated, astrological-psychic consulting program. Here's to your future NOW!

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