It's Here... see how Mars direct is affecting you

I’ve written a lot about Mars going direct on June 29th, and it’s finally happened. With Mars direct in Scorpio till August 2nd, if your other planets are well aspected to Mars, meaning your other planets are either conjunct, trine, or sextile to Mars (see Astrology Primer) you will experience an inexplicable urge to produce, move forward, start something new, or focus more intently on something you’re already doing. Then, this week we have Venus in Cancer, the Sun in Cancer, and Mercury in Cancer. What does all this mean? Well, you’ll want deeper connections in both your personal life, romantic life, deeper and more meaningful connections with associates, and at the same time, you’ll have an urge to be surrounded by tenderness, nurturing, and just feeling connected. Of course, Mars will be pulling many of you to action, so don’t despair if you think you’re being pulled in two directions. It’s possible to have it all

Speaking of having it all, I’m in the process of rebranding myself and honing in on what I do best. And what I do best is finding ways to empower you to “have it all”. One of the ways you can immediately shift the quality of your life is by looking at the questions you ask yourself in your self talk or conversations with others. Listen to your language. Listen to your longings. Your longings are revealing what you really want to have in life. Sometimes you may be asking for millions of dollars. Are you really longing for the money or the lifestyle it offers? There is a difference. You’ll need to have clarity and honesty. This week, as an exercise, pay attention to your self talk. What are you telling yourself? Are you creating limitations? Are you giving yourself either or options? Remember, energy goes where attention flows, and everything is created twice. First in the mind, and then in the physical reality.

A few people have been inquiring about my accelerated consulting program. This program utilizes your personal astrological information, psychic and intuitive information, and proven consulting methods and techniques to rapidly empower you to achieve the results, goals, and outcomes, you wish for your life. If you are currently in a job wishing to leave and begin your own business, and need support and consulting, (the how to get from point A to point B) then this program is for you. With help from your personal astrology chart I am able to see which areas would benefit most to work on empowering you to get rapid results. It’s a program for achievers and dreamers who are tired and bored of dreaming. It’s an accelerated program for you if you really want what you say you do. Please contact me to learn whether this program is for you. You can email me or call me to set up a time to speak.

In the meantime, I am always available for psychic/ intuitive readings, and quick check-ins.

I wish you all the joy and fun of this holiday weekend! May your dreams become your next reality! Love and blessings,


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