Jupiter Trine Pluto - Totally Delicious

We all know some days are better than others. Some days are bland and not worth remembering and some days are so exceptional, we remember them forever! June 26th, promised to be one of those days!

I hope you enjoyed the delicious luck this special day offered. If it was just a bland, run of the mill day for you, don't despair, the auric remnants of this lucky day still linger in your field, so take advantage of it and do something different and out of the box. Take inspired action, do something extraordinary for yourself this week, as we witness Mars going direct on June 29th. There's going to be so much action!. You'll want to make sure you're included in this round.

On June 26th, Pluto trined Jupiter. This is a delicious combination of sweet, dreamy magic, and fortune, all coming together on one day of the year to bring you that feeling of being lucky, fulfilled, happy, and free in spirit.

Mars is the action planet in the zodiac. Mars is synonymous with determination, drive, passion, ambition, and desire. Can you guess it's a fire planet? When Mars is direct ( in forward motion) things move and we find ourselves experiencing some of the adjectives mentioned above. When Mars is retrograde ( slowed down and not moving: Astrology Primer) we see our plans halt without knowing why. We see things delayed, or never even happening. We wonder why. Every two years, Mars retrogrades. This year, 2016, we experienced one! Mars ends its retrograde on June 29th. The energy has been building up and it's no coincidence that the UK left the EU now, given the timing and location of Mars in the UK's planetary chart, click here for my predictions.

Mars direct is about unbridled action and that's why I'm excited to work with you. I would love to assist and empower you in creating an action plan, fiery, and bold enough to bring your most outlandish dreams to fruition. During these next few months, you'll be able to do this, only, like working out, it helps to have a coach or mentor. That's what I'm here for. With years of training from working with top experts, ( Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Mary Morrissey, Jose Silva, Landmark Education, Allison Armstrong) it's fair to say I've got a wealth of knowledge in this arena and wish to share it with you.

I've created an accelerated astro-psychic consulting program, unlike anything available on the market. Nothing works better than massive action. Still, knowing what I know about the planets (whether you believe or not won't even matter) timing is everything. How many times have you chipped away at something and nothing worked? Then, suddenly, like the walls of Jericho instantly falling, your doors opened miraculously; the timing was just right, and miracles happened!. What you probably don't know, is that your personal planets were perfectly aligned to have miracles appear. Such is the power behind knowing and working with astrology.

In my accelerated astro-psychic consulting program, you'll see results if you're willing to take the actions. I'm so confident in your success, I've gone ahead and put together an alternative, more affordable price package, so you will personally see results in or after 4 sessions. Right now, I'm offering 4 sessions for $450.00. This includes 4 consulting sessions at $100.00 and a nominal $50.00 fee for compiling your chart for 2016. If you really want results, you'll seriously consider beginning now with the June 29th planetary action of Mars going direct. To learn if this program is for you, please drop me an email or call and we will talk about the details and whether this program would work for you.

I wish you all a wonder filled week. I am available for quick check-ins, readings, astrology consultations, coaching, and of course, accelerated astro-psychic consulting.

I look forward to working with you! Love and blessings,


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